Dear Diary: I Need New Friends

“Quick I have to go.” I said to Dillon. “Get me out of here please.”

His eyes got wider as he could see the sheer panic in my face. “Please, please get me out of here.” I said as I felt tears start to escape my eyes and run down my cheeks. I tried to stop them but the flow increased. He held my hand tightly as we maneuvered through the crowded dance floor and toward the door.

I could hear Mark yelling behind me. Calling out orders on my ear piece, “Stop him. I am leaving. Kick him out, but give me a ten minute lead. Don’t call the cops just tell him he has to pay for the door.” I took it off handing it to a security guard before we went out the door.

When we got to the back door Dillon hit the bar to open it. The glow of the orange halogen lights on the street with their sickening shade, felt like the amazing glow of freedom in that moment. Still holding my arm Dillon looked both ways then crossed the street with me. The sounds of the people in line and the thumping of the dance music faded as we walked down the street. My heels clicking, my heart thumping and a few sniffles as I tried to stifle my tears was what had replaced the party sounds.

Dillon opened my door to let me in. I flopped down in the car. He got in and started it.

“Damn girl, tough night? Where to now?” He asked.

“I am so glad you don’t drink.” I said. He smiled.

“I do not. But I also am not a mind reader. Where to now lady?” He wiped tears off my face and I kissed his hand.

I started giving him directions. We pulled up to a seedy little lounge near the river. There were two large security guards out front and the place looked empty. The parking lot was filled with rows of luxury cars.

“Damn girl. What kind of place is this?” He asked.

“It’s a friend’s. Please don’t tell anyone where I am.” I said “This has been one of the worst nights in my life.” I started crying.

“Don’t cry girl. You are too beautiful to be so sad.” Dillon said his hand reached over to wipe the tears from my face again. As he did it his sleeve came up a bit to reveal his tattoo sleeve. The muscles in his forearms moved as I felt myself get a little bit excited. I looked as he so stylishly had put together a great outfit and his hat just slightly tilted so he could look at me.

“Why didn’t we ever date?” I smiled through my tears and looked at his full lips.

“Because you are too big time for me, girl I’m just a dancer and an artist. You are big time.” He smiled shyly at me, turning his head.

“May I kiss you?” I asked.

“Come on girl you know you don’t ever have to ask.” He grinned looking down.

I grabbed his face and leaned in. We kissed and it was amazing. I felt my heart beating a bit faster. I reached forward and touched those amazing abs. Oh how I wanted him to take me home right then. If only I could turn back time. I would have gone to school and dated him. How did I ever get sucked into the fast life of a VIP host? How could I ever get out of this dark hole filled with money and shady characters? Why was I thinking of anything but touching those amazing lips?

A loud knock on my window startled us both. “Are you going to come in or make out like a couple of teenagers?” A large looming figure said.

“Johnny its Holly.” I said opening my door. I looked at Dillon his face was beet red in the light from having an audience.

“I know who you are, but I don’t know who your buddy from under the bleachers is. You know how they are about having cars out front here. Park or leave, you know the drill.” Johnny moved to the side so now all of his features were clear in the light.

“He is dropping me off.” I said.

“Sorry Dillon, you probably shouldn’t come in.” I said.

“Are you having me drop you off at your boyfriend’s bar?” He questioned.

“No way! These guys are just people that will keep me safe no matter what. My body guards sort of like big brothers. You are my knight in shining armor.” I smiled.

“Girl, I’m sorry but I don’t think this is the right horse. Your prince is still out there though. Go get him girl.” He said nodding as I started to get out. I wanted to kiss him again but something held me back.

“Thank you so much. Thanks for being a true friend.” I said.

“I will always be here for you girl.” He said. I closed the door and he took off.

“You coming in?” Johnny bellowed out. He had walked back to the door.

Should I walk in or was I making a dumb mistake.

“Johnny I need protection.” I said as tears started flowing again. I guess this meant I was all in.