Update: Thoughts on the Registration of Doctoral Supervisors in Australian Universities

This is an update from a previous story: Thoughts on the Registration of Doctoral Supervisors in Australian University

Update September 2018

  1. Budgetary constraints unfortunately mean the roll-out of the full HDR Supervision Fellowship Program may be delayed. *sigh*. In 2019 the focus will remain on early-career academics, professional staff and third space professionals who are involved in HDR Supervision, or wish to be. A/P Bill Ashraf has crafted a ‘training pathway’ that offers voluntary blended learning opportunities that assist a potential Associate Fellow to engage in the process and apply for a A/Fellowship.
  2. In August 2018 I made recommendations to the Dean of HDR that changes be made to the MQ Code of Conduct that explicitly embed Universities Australia’s recent Principles for Respectful Supervisory Relationships, and Guidelines for University Responses to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.
  3. Macquarie University has introduced the Respect. Now. Always. strategy. A great move as it is a whole-of-institution cultural change strategy — but at this stage with limited resources and high demand, it remains focussed largely on UG contexts.
  4. During 2018 I facilitated a workshop called Build Evidence of Good Practice to help the emerging Community of Practice (CoP) of early-career applicants (academics, professional staff and third space professionals) contemplating applying for an Associate Fellowship.
  5. The Build Evidence of Good Practice workshop drew on my many years mentoring staff and students to develop professional portfolios, Recognition of Prior Learning applications, grant application biographies, citation applications, and so on. These are complex matters: engaging a diverse CoP in crafting evidence in the context of HDR Supervision; and identifying the professional capabilities you need as an HDR Supervision animator to flip your focus away from ‘training’ (input) to ‘evidence building’ (person- & context-centred output).
  6. If you wish to explore more of our thoughts, and don’t mind the short-form of slideshare, visit HDR Support and Development @ Macquarie University.

Finally: #Shoutout to Dr Kay Guccione, Mentoring Consultant and National Teaching Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Checkout the Associate SuperVisionaries Framework and all the other wonders she has developed. #fangirl