Russian Language Learning

The first and foremost thing that decreases the interest of an individual from learning a language is when it requires learning a different set of characters and letters. Let us talk about the Russian Language. People have the perception of exaggerating the difficulty of this language just because the letter “R” is turned backwards in it (я pronounced as [ja]). They tend to run away from learning the beauty behind the language.

Unlike Chinese, which has thousands of characters, Russian has only 33 letters. Russian has Cyrillic alphabets, but it is just an alphabet like any other alphabet of English. Russian might tend to have words longer in length than the English words and some tricky pronunciations. There are times when you are stuck sometimes wondering how to pronounce a word of English. However, you will be highly surprised to know that you don’t have to face this ordeal in the Russian language. Believe it or not — in Russian, you pronounce words like it spells and spells it like it is pronounced.

There are several letters in Cyrillic that are a ditto of their English counterparts in the way they are presented and pronounced — A, B, D, K, L, M, O, T. Some of the other letters may have the same pronunciation but they seem to be a bit bizarre. For instance, “r” is g and “ф” is f. Very few Cyrillic letters have a new sound to learn.

After you master in the Russian language, you will realize that English has an inflexible sentence structure. In English, the use of pronoun is almost there in every sentence since there isn’t any unique conjugation for every pronoun. Russian, on the other hand, has a unique conjugation for every pronoun so you do not need to include it everywhere.

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