TOCU web (Technology of the Optimal Content Usage)

TOCU web (Technology of the Optimal Content Usage) is the answer to all your writing requirements. Now, you can use a single article for multiple blogs and Google cannot penalize you for plagiarism or duplication. How, you ask? Well, it’s very simple! TOCU technology uses special software for this purpose that ingeniously replaces all the Latin letters of the words to letters from other languages like Greek, Bulgarian etc. in the same article / blog. Google then would not be able to recognize it because it would be 2 different articles for Google but to you, it would appear to be the same text.

How it works?

Well, it works in a very uncomplicated and hassle-free way! All you need to do is choose an article that you want to promote. Input the article into the TOCU software and see the magic of the changing letters in front of you. You will have more than 1000 unique articles in your hands. It is a premium article submission service for article posting so that you do not need to write multiple contents for your different web pages. It easily manipulates Google so that it is unable to recognize the already existing content on the web and hence, cannot penalize you for duplication.

You can even submit the unique articles to the network of TOCU blogs and receive thousands of visitors daily.

A blog article usually contains at least 1000 words and those 1000 words contain an even bigger number of letters. TOCU web works in such a way that it easily misleads Google by changing all the letters of the words in the article using different combinations and making thousands of unique texts as a result through a single article content. What’s more, all the hyperlinks and keywords are saved in the original file so that you do not lose those during the process of the creation of new texts.

So essentially, all you need to do is to input your original text, press the button of the TOCU software and receive thousands of unique texts that cannot be recognized by Google at all! You can even verify that the Technology of the Optimal Content Usage (TOCU) actually works by running it through any plagiarism checker software like Copyscape. The plagiarism will always show unique content because the new text after running it through the TOCU software will be unique for the website and hence it will not be duplicated or plagiarized.

The main objective of TOCU is to help businesses and individuals realize their true potential across the world.

TOCU is now very useful for advertisers with its wide applications, the primary being that they can now advertise themselves through TOCU’s many blogs and receive unique visitors on a daily basis. You can also rely on TOCU for a stable and reliable income by running 100% automated TOCU blogs.