Less Than 2 Weeks Til Showtime!

Yesterday marked 2 WEEKS until I leave my beloved Seattle for the unknown that is Minneapolis, Minnesota aka The Midwest aka territory I’ve yet to explore in my 24 years now on this Earth o_O

A time or two I’ve been guilty of pondering the question: Who even knows anything about Minneapolis?? HA. What a narrow-minded question to ask, Merissa. You know better. Google sure does know a lot about Minneapolis…I’d assume. However, I’ve still yet to Google search “Minneapolis.” LOL

Anyways: In less than 2 weeks I will be boarding an Alaska Airlines plane, at approximately 9AM, eagerly awaiting my departure to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m under the impression I will be accompanied by ten other flight attendant hopefuls — thanks to those inference skills I mastered way back in the fifth grade — also traveling from Seattle to Minneapolis. Rows 14 & 15 on Flight 36 might either be the loudest or quietest on the entire plane… I predict we’ll at least be talking throughout the entire duration of the flight. That’s what flight attendant hopefuls DO, they talk, talk, talk, and talk some more, because you MUST appear to be personable if you dare try to become a flight attendant. Let me tell you: it’s an exhausting feat if it’s something you’re not used to.

I’m sad I’ll miss October here in Seattle ❤ But, oh well. I’ve missed October in Seattle at least once before — while abroad in Paris, France in 2014. I’ve lived here all my life, so I know exactly how it goes: overcast, drizzly rain, and horrible traffic because Seattle drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain… I think I’ll get along just fine missing out on Seattle’s October this year ;)

A Brief Flashback For Ya: When I interviewed with Compass Airlines at the beginning of August, I had just embarked on a new “service” adventure: I’d committed myself to completing 60-hours of intensive/experiential learning/training in hopes to become a 24-hour Crisis Line Phone Worker at Seattle’s own Crisis Clinic. For reasons I need not delve into on this post, it was extremely important to me that I complete this prior commitment before I moved onto the next: becoming a flight attendant. Therefore, when I excitedly moved on to the F2F portion of my interview with Compass, and my interviewer asked whether I preferred attending the August 23rd or September 27th training — she clarified my choice would not hinder their decision to offer me a CJO: phew!— I decided attending the September 27th training would be best. I could complete my month-long training commitment with Crisis Clinic and then I could embark on my most sought after goal (this year) of becoming a flight attendant ❤

The amount of support I’ve received on my journey to becoming a flight attendant — from the very beginning to most recently — has truly astounded me. To my friends and family who have physically, verbally, mentally, and most importantly, emotionally supported me: THANK YOU! You guys are the REAL MVPs ;)

Of all the words of wisdom/advice I’ve received thus far, one woman’s message in particular has stuck with me. This woman recently attended flight attendant training, and for reasons beyond her knowledge, she was sent home.

“It was a terrible feeling… but my advice to you is NO ONE IS YOUR FRIEND EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR A REASON TO HAVE YOU SENT HOME… Be in complience and stay to yourself always… I know it sounds harsh and you would think they’d want you to be friendly and get to know everyone… DONT DO IT… dont say i didnt warn you… Its very hard because you want to get to know your surroundings i mean you will be with the same people for 4 weeks… All that personality stuff SAVE IT FOR WHEN YOU BECOME A FLIGHT ATTENDANT.”

However harsh her words may appear, I understand completely where she’s coming from. The underlying truth is: it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and as much as I’d like to imagine my cohort will be filled with people just as willing and eager to lend a helping hand as I would be, in today’s reality, that’s simply not the case. I’m sure it’s easy to get caught up in the drama, but as this woman so strongly suggests: it’s hogwash compared to what brought you there in the first place. Be amiable and respectful, but remember to stay focused, determined, and most importantly, prsofessional. This training I’ll be attending is essentially another interview — an approximately 28-day-long interview. Though I’ve received an invitation to training, I’ve still got a ways to go before I graduate with those beautiful, well-sought-after wings. No matter how “hard” it gets, I’ve just got to remember to remind myself: I really really want this. Now watch me, because in less than 2 weeks: I’m going to prove it to you.