Gaming industry veteran Omar Ramirez joins Merit Circle to lead development of the platform

We recently announced our collaboration with Dept Agency to create a market-leading gaming platform. After holding a governance vote, in which we received the full support of the DAO, development has been progressing steadily. We wanted to take this opportunity to shed some light on the progress we’ve made and introduce Omar Ramirez, a seasoned gaming industry professional leading the project.

Backpack filled with experience

Gaming is at the core of Merit Circle. We enable people to play fun, innovative games with complex in-game economies that reward players for their hard work. What began as a one-man scholarship operation has grown tremendously over the past few months. However, our ambitions are huge and scalability is at the heart of our plans.

Therefore, we are glad to officially welcome Omar Ramirez to Merit Circle as our new Product Owner. With experience from JP Morgan Chase and PwC, Ramirez has a solid background in finance, which is what differentiates him from other professionals in the gaming industry. It was more than decade ago that armed with this expertise, Ramirez decided to return to his true passion: gaming.

As the founder of a mobile gaming company, Ramirez took the responsibility of creating gamified experiences that can make real-life changes. An ocean clean-up themed application became wildly popular paving the way for his future in the gaming industry. Years of working with the brightest minds, specifically in the mobile gaming industry, engaging with the founders of major gaming studios and being the product owner for games with millions of daily users have secured Ramirez’s spot as an industry expert.

In our search for the best people in the gaming ecosystem, Ramirez stood out as the perfect person to create the tools to onboard the next generation of play-to-earn gamers.

Guiding the platform development

Bringing over a decade of experience in working with, and for, gamers, Ramirez is dedicated to creating an all-round solution that fits the needs of the diverse community that will eventually use the platform. This comes down to understanding why people use the platform, what their pain points are and, ultimately, building this platform in collaboration with users.

As the product owner, Ramirez has been leading our discussions with Dept Agency. Mainly through asking the right questions and mapping out an overview of the basic functionalities, we now have the right scope to initiate the next stage of development.

What has been happening with the platform?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been hard at work behind the scenes to form a solid foundation for the platform. We have created personas for gamers by analyzing who they are, what they wish to do on a daily basis and how they’re best serviced. We want a platform facilitating our vibrant community of thousands of gamers across the globe.

Aware that multiple games are being released soon, Dept Agency has sped-up development by bringing even more hands to the team. Last week, the team presented the full concept of the initial version of the platform and will start work on the first design sprint this week. The team is committed to creating a robust overview of frameworks to roll into the next phase of development.

We are building a platform that will truly separate itself from our competitors since we include our community from the very first second through beta-testing from the very first MVP. We listen to their wants, needs and wishes. This platform will adapt to the fast-changing industry that is the play-to-earn industry and truly set a standard for all those coming after us.” — Omar Ramirez

What can we expect from the platform’s development?

With a strong focus on scalability, availability, security and resiliency, Dept Agency is motivated to deliver a fully functional platform ready to onboard thousands of new gamers to the play-to-earn industry in the shortest possible time frame. However, given the importance of meeting the requirements of the target audience, we want to start testing as soon as possible.

We are optimistic that we can deliver a very simple Alpha testing version by the end of January, which will allow the first batch of users to test the platform. The results of this testing round will help us ensure we’re moving in the right direction based on data, not on assumptions.

We want to move quickly, learn fast and leverage the community to gain valuable knowledge. Excitement is all around us when getting together to build. We are determined to become the industry leader and help our community grow and thrive along the way. What’s more, we aim to set an industry benchmark for others to use and learn from.

We are more than excited to welcome Omar Ramirez, with his passionate and ambitious view of the future of the play-to-earn industry, to our team.

“I see a future where NFTs will not only be within a single game, but you can use your avatar in all of your favorite games. Imagine having potions that you can only use in one game, but other games adapt similar potions; simply joining the game with your avatar lets you use that same potion in all games. The same goes for weapons and other cosmetics, or imagine buying a season pass in a smart contract across multiple games? The possibilities are endless!” — Omar Ramirez

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