Introducing our Head of Community — Rainier Gomez

Since the beginning of our journey, we have grown from a handful of players to a community of thousands of scholars, passionate investors and DAO contributors spread across the globe. We strive to maintain an inclusive environment in which everyone is heard, understood and feels comfortable; to ensure we maintain and continue to develop in this way, we’re delighted to introduce our new Head of Community, Rainier Gomez.

A passion for education

When, aged just four-years-old, a young Rainier Gomez began playing video games, he couldn’t have known that he was setting himself on the path to his future career. Even while he was busy getting a good education and a job as a lecturer teaching chemical engineering and mathematics at De La Salle University Manila, Rainier was still playing video games such as League of Legends in his spare time — he even competed as a mid laner for the Manila Eagles.

Earlier this year, one of his students brought Axie Infinity to his attention and Rainier was intrigued enough to play around with the game for himself; the more he played, the more he wanted to play. He soon saw that what seemed like a fun way of spending time and competing against other players was, in fact, a revolutionary new way of gaming.

As the global pandemic forced schools to close across the Philippines, Rainier became accustomed to teaching from the comfort of his home. However, as he became absorbed in his new hobby, Axie Infinity, he realized that the community was missing out on something truly essential: education. Guidance about the game, strategies and certain techniques were hard to find and certainly not available to just anyone.

Rainier made the effort to hop online under his new alias, Professor LP, and started broadcasting about his in-game adventures. His goal was to educate the small circle of players he’d gathered who used his Axies but this group soon grew. As the circle started to expand and more people gained attention, Professor LP’s inbox lit up with a message that would change the course of his life.

“I remember back in the days my parents used to tell me I should stop spending so much time playing video games but it’s playing those games that got me where I am today”

Rainier streaming under his alias Professor LP

Expanding the circle

Marco van den Heuvel, CEO and Co-founder of Merit Circle, reached out to Professor LP to say he was intrigued by his lectures about Axie Infinity with the aim of exploring the possibility of working together. A series of meetings took place over the following weeks where it became clear that there was a mutual synergy and passion about the play-to-earn movement. Not long after, Rainier Gomez joined Merit Circle fulltime as the Head of Community.

In his new role, Rainier’s main goal is to create and maintain a healthy community: “I want to create space where people can express their ideas, ask questions, just be their true self without fear of judgement and discrimination. A place where anyone can thrive regardless of race, religion, culture, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Over the past few weeks, Gomez has been really busy re-structuring and analyzing the current community we have spread across Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. Eventually, the idea is to create a scalable community that enriches each other on all fronts, across all continents, playing dozens of different games.

Example of content created by Professor for the Merit Circle scholars

Back to educating

One of the core aspects of a healthy community is having the ability to grow and evolve together. In the case of play-to-earn, we’re not just referring to growing financially, but more importantly as people. We want to help and educate our community members on a broad range of subjects, be it gaming or everyday life. From advice regarding how to manage a healthy work-life balance and handling your finances to tips on how to treat others with respect and dignity, there are so many topics we’d like to cover.

With his background as a lecturer, Rainier Gomez is the perfect fit for this role. As well as everyday life guidance, Rainier will continue teaching the community about Axie Infinity and who knows what other games to come. The future’s looking bright and we are excited to have Rainier lead the way to a sustainable community!

Rainier wanted to share his appreciation and excitement in his own words:

“If there’s one thing I learned about this space, one PM can definitely be the start of something big. I would just like to address the entire MC community: I am expressing my gratitude for the vote of confidence, and together I know that we’ll be able to build far greater things. We definitely couldn’t have done it without your support, so thank you once again!”

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