Introducing the Merit Circle Gaming platform

Gaming runs through the veins of the Merit Circle DAO. It’s the core part of our operations, our long-term vision and every day philosophy. Without gamers, the Merit Circle DAO would not exist. Over the past six months, we’ve been constructing a house for gamers that is welcoming, educational and, most importantly, entertaining.

Please note, this very first version is mainly aimed at providing the required logistics for us, Merit Circle, to manage all the gamers that we have. Through various games, we still maintain a group of thousands of gamers that are daily playing games using DAO-owned assets. To more effectively and efficiently manage these flows, the current set-up of features and back-end utilities were required.

In this article, we would like to take you on a journey through this first version of the gaming platform, share how it’s built and what we see for the future of the gaming platform.

Housing our community

As many of you may know, the Merit Circle DAO started as a scholarship organization called Axie 420. During the surge in popularity of the play-to-earn model, Axie420 grew into a robust organization making serious revenue. Attracting additional funding, it became clear there was huge potential for something bigger than merely a scholarship organization. Then came the Merit Circle DAO.

As the Merit Circle DAO emerged, the gaming community that we had built thus far slowly started to transform. The early days were about nothing more than grinding in simple games to meet daily quotas and finding strategies to maximize earnings with minimal discourse about the long-term viability of these games. With the market challenging the existence of the play-to-earn model, we started to notice a shift within our community.

The gamers who were solely there to gain additional income started parting ways and went on their own journeys, but others stuck with us. Tons of individuals stepped up and made it their mission to contribute to our community in their own way from hosting game nights and creating content about new games to instigating daily interaction with fellow gamers. Thanks to this, we are now home to a vibrant community of gamers that’s eager to explore new adventures within the industry.

To thank our community, we wanted to build a place especially for them; a home online, so to speak.

The sustainable way

Scrolling back to November ’21, we started developing the gaming platform that we have today. At that time, the GameFi market could not have been in a more euphoric state. New games were released every single day and running a scholarship organization was a profitable operation. As mentioned previously, when announcing the development of this platform, we initially started building with the intention of optimizing for the play-to-earn era.

However, as the tables turned and our community of thousands of gamers eagerly looked for a new place to base themselves, we decided to switch gears and adapt. We moved away from focusing on scaling to as many gamers as possible and unsustainable models, and started to align development with our long-term thesis on the gaming industry and gamer-owned assets.

That said, we truly believe that blockchain technology will play an essential role in the gaming industry, but exactly how is yet to be explored. Nevertheless, we know that having a strong community will help us prepare for what’s to come. Having the ability to dive into new trends, while maintaining a high standard within our community and collaboratively growing is the main focus we have right now.

Strong foundation

We are proud to share this first version of our gaming platform that will function as the home for our current community. We’re privileged to have received the support and dedication from thousands of gamers across the globe that have supported us in our journey so far. This platform will help us to better manage these gamers, educate them in the best way possible and, eventually, navigate them seamlessly through the gaming industry.

Diving deeper into how we envision future versions of our platform, we’ve spread the functionality across three fundamental pillars: explore, educate and compete.


In a booming sector like the blockchain industry, new start-ups arise every day. As games incorporating blockchain technology have become more popular, and the possibilities more evident, the industry has been flooded with new games. For gamers interested in these kinds of games, it can quickly become quite overwhelming. With this in mind, the gaming platform has a functionality where gamers can explore any of the current (web3) games out there.

Scroll through the games that are both live right now and have only just been announced. In the blink of an eye, gamers will be able to find the exact game that suits them and start playing. We’re constantly searching the market for new additions and will always update the overviews. What’s more, this information may not only be relevant to gamers but for investors scouting to find the next big thing in gaming too.


The Merit Circle DAO aims to become a bridge between the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency and the captivating and fascinating world of gaming. There are loads of gamers who are eager to explore new games, including web3 native games, but lack the knowledge of how to navigate this industry. The difficulty of taking custody of one’s own assets can be scary and should not be underestimated. Taking this into consideration, we have created the Merit Circle Academy.

In the academy section of the platform, anyone can learn about the magic that cryptocurrency has to offer as well as how to navigate this space. We’ll teach about wallets, security, logistics, tutorials and more; we’ll share everything gamers need to know to get started in web3, and, specifically, web3 gaming. When gamers have mastered the basics, they can then learn even more by starting to play.

That’s where our gaming education comes in. The most popular games that we play are dissected and made available to our gaming audience to learn and master on the platform. Through various courses, we’ll cover everything from the basics to the logistics and beyond for the games that you might not even know you like.


One of the major criticisms from our community is that current games in the cryptocurrency industry lack a certain level of fun, challenge and overall picture of famous games like Call of Duty, League of Legends and plenty of others. Given the infancy of this industry, it’s understandable that these games do not yet exist. The games that are available are usually fairly simple and not entertaining or challenging in the long-run.

As such, while we continue to follow the development of all the web3 games out we’re also exploring new possibilities. On our platform, we will be hosting tournaments for famous traditional games that allow the winners to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies. This aims to entertain not only the traditional gamer, but also the blockchain gamer and function as a bridge between the two.

A well-rounded gaming community

It should be clear that our aim is to be the go-to home online for a community centered around games. We love gaming and we love educating, entertaining and exploring the realms of possibilities of this wonderful industry together with our community.

When more games start to mature and incorporate NFT technology, the platform will not only be a hub for our community but will also function as an important logistics tool. Through the platform, we are able to manage the distribution and management of our assets across various games, handle pay-outs and track in-game performance. The data this provides will allow us to make clear decisions and align our vision with the market’s input.

With the platform expanding and attracting more gamers, we will gradually become more robust and appealing for skilled gamers. Then we can start to consider assembling an eSports team to make even more waves across the industry.

We are ready for you

The gaming industry is set to grow bigger and bigger over the coming years and we are confident that our platform will play an important role for the Merit Circle DAO and the industry as a whole. Through raising the industry standard and educating our audience, everyday we contribute towards the future that we envision. It’s fascinating to witness first-hand and truly exciting to finally reveal to our audience.

That said, anyone who wishes to have a look is invited to sign up and explore the platform for themselves following the link below. Please do remember, however, that this is an initial version with many iterations yet to come.

Access the gaming platform now at: and follow our new Merit Circle Gaming Twitter account at for anything gaming!

To stay up to date with our journey, follow Merit Circle on these channels:




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