Looking forward into 2022

With an incredible year now behind us, we can’t wait to conquer 2022. Over the past few months, we’ve given everyone a small taste of what Merit Circle has to offer but this year we aim to position ourselves as the most prominent gaming DAO in the world.

We have a lot in store and even more that we have yet to discover hand-in-hand with our wonderful community. Here, we’re giving everyone a glimpse behind the curtain, a little sneak peak as we share our challenges and main focus for the year ahead.

Let’s make this an unforgettable year!

Challenges ahead

While the Merit Circle DAO may be a young organization, we are operating alongside some of the biggest names in the industry that have been building their reputations for years. Their support allowed us to leapfrog our need to build legitimacy in the eyes of many, but that comes with certain responsibilities and challenges.

We have started strong, receiving tons of support and forming an incredible community, who joined us as we unravelled our long-term vision. With the start of a new year, it’s upon us to deliver what we have been promising.

A year from now, we see ourselves with a fully functioning platform, seamless operating governance structures, multiple independent organizations operating under the Merit Circle umbrella and countless gamers doing what they do best in the name of the DAO.

To get there, we at Merit Circle will use 2022 to build on the foundations we’ve already created and transform into a mature and robust moat, primed for a long and prosperous existence.

Finding our focus

After recognizing the potential of the play-to-earn model, the core contributors of the Merit Circle DAO quickly realized a scholarship organization was only the beginning. Today, our ambitions have only grown grander and the vision has widened to encompass the many tentacles of the entire gaming industry.

We do not identify ourselves as a scholarship organization nor as a gaming guild; we are a decentralized autonomous organization focused on the gaming industry as a whole. To structure the value we intend to create, we have embraced three main pillars: the scholarship model, mainstream gamers and our NFT and metaverse index fund. Through these three pillars, we can share our plan for the coming year.

Pillar One — Play-to-Earn gamers

As one of the founding pillars, the scholarship model is what brought the play-to-earn model to scale. Merit Circle would not be where it is today without this simple, yet smart technique of lending out assets to those who simply can’t afford to purchase their own. Profits are shared among the owner of the assets and the person doing the labor.

As we first started scaling manually, we noticed some growing pains along the way. Small hick-ups that could be prevented by technology, which is why we started building. In collaboration with Dept Agency, we are developing an over-arching platform that will host all of our gaming activities.

With multiple games going live in 2022, we are looking forward to onboarding thousands of scholars across the globe with the help of this previously mentioned platform. This will be done through automation, yet we still want to make sure everyone feels as heard and comfortable as they have so far. This platform will allow gamers to switch seamlessly between games, access their finances and in-game statistics. Put simply, it will improve their lives.

Education remains a very important aspect and something that can’t be overlooked. Therefore, it will find a crucial position within the platform. We aim to educate our gamers about more than just the games they’re playing. On that note, we are bringing in a Head of Education who will help us achieve our goal of becoming a digital gaming university.

With an endless amount of gamers wishing to earn while they play, we are rapidly preparing to open the gates on all these exciting games.

Pillar 2 — Mainstream gamers

Looking back, in 2021 we still saw a lot of friction between the traditional gaming world and the blockchain gaming world. Announcements of NFTs integrating in Triple A games upset communities and met with much resistance. However, giving that first taste of what’s to come is the first step towards bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming.

The millions of gamers worldwide addicted to playing games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, FIFA and hundreds of other immensely popular games are the ones who, one day, will move towards the play-to-earn economy. When that happens, we will be there with open arms ready to welcome them. We aim to become synonymous with play-to-earn for the mainstream gaming crowd, a one-stop-shop for those willing to change scenes and start earning for their effort.

As a DAO, our core contributors are mostly coming from the cryptocurrency industry and, therefore, we are keenly searching for the right people to assist us with this pillar. We aim to be working with the brightest minds when it comes to ESports, the synergy in mainstream gaming communities, Triple A game developers and everything in between.

While there are plenty of exciting games coming out, there’s still a lot of room for new concepts to conquer this market. Seeing this opportunity, we are exploring ways to incorporate all of these new projects into a vehicle that accelerates these venues. Without giving it a specific title, we can reveal that we will accelerate upcoming games and gaming studios from the very first moments on their journey to the blockchain gaming industry.

One way to bridge the gap is through educational efforts, where the platform we are creating will play an essential role. Having a central platform that allows you to jump into the rabbithole that is play-to-earn and the entire crypto space when you’re new in the industry will be life changing. Secondly, the community aspect will comfort those mainstream gamers used to large communities and guilds like in traditional games.

It’s simultaneously ambitious and thrilling to see the millions of gamers waiting for a better in-game economy. We are ready, more than ever.

Pillar 3 — NFT & Metaverse index

After we concluded our Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping sale on Copperlaunch, we suddenly had one of the largest treasuries in the industry. We never expected to claim a top position in the space from the get-go, but we did. Therefore, our role as investor tremendously strengthened, unlocking endless possibilities.

Over the next year, we will give our all to becoming the most sought after investment when it comes to NFTs and the metaverse. Simply purchasing the MC token gives you exposure to everything from games and infrastructure to tooling generating value and rewards for the token holders. Through innovative buyback mechanisms and deflationary supply, the MC token becomes a more precious good, essential to ensure longevity.

As the year progresses, we will make more investments but we will also see a range of our investments unlocked, allowing the buyback and burning mechanisms to come into play. The proceeds from these investments will allow us to increase our in-game operations too and, thereby, generate even more fixed proceeds from that side of the DAO.

On top of that, we are dedicated to creating an open and transparent fund that ranges far further than the current investment committee. We are actively looking for analysts researching the latest games, trends and everything in between. More so, we aim to operate transparently by eventually moving towards providing live data of our treasury, outstanding investments, current net worth and anything the DAO is working on.

With an active and sparkling community participating in the governance of the DAO, the interest of everyone is heard and taken seriously. Each week we see new proposals arising to improve our current position but, more importantly, our long-term position.

The Merit Circle DAO is turning into a robust machine that simply can’t be stopped from growing bigger than any of us could have ever imagined.

Discovering the unknown

While we have carefully considered our focus for the upcoming year, we want to leave some room for the unknown. Operating in the industry for quite a while, we know how rapid things can change. Therefore, we have to keep an open stance towards any unforeseen changes occurring.

While carefully keeping an eye on the long-term, we are excited to play into anything contributing to the DAO. This stance is where innovation comes to live, and where true disruption takes place. Anyone that can contribute to this ambition is welcomed with open arms into the Merit Circle DAO.

Our New Year’s resolutions? We will contribute and expand the Play-to-Earn industry, bridge the gap with the traditional gaming industry and become the NFT & Metaverse index.

Gratitude and motivation

Wrapping up this piece, we would like to motivate anyone reading this with their fingers itching to contribute to hop in our channels and join the conversation. Explore our governance forums and see where you can contribute, vote on outstanding proposals and initiate your own, anything is more than welcome!

Those who are interested in joining Merit Circle and fill one of our outstanding roles, please view our current open positions.

We concluded the previous year with a lot of gratitude towards our lovely community for making this possible. On that note, we would like to take this opportunity to again, say thanks. We are more excited than ever, and feel thrilled to bring our ideas to reality.

To stay up to date with our journey, follow Merit Circle on these channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeritCircle_IO
Discord: http://discord.gg/meritcircle
Telegram: https://t.me/meritcircle
Website: https://www.meritcircle.io/

Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse

Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse