Merit Circle DAO to launch gaming subnet ‘Beam’ in collaboration with Avalanche

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It is with great pleasure that we announce an exciting new development for the Merit Circle DAO: Beam, a subnet created for the Merit Circle DAO to launch on the Avalanche network. This gaming-focused blockchain will not only facilitate the DAO’s products, but become the home for dozens of fascinating games.

Allow us to tell you the story of Beam and explain how it fits into the Merit Circle jigsaw.

The power of autonomy

Roughly nine months ago, we announced our intention to launch Sphere, Merit Circle’s flagship, gaming-focused NFT marketplace, whose development was nearing its final stages. Soon afterwards, the industry underwent a sequence of dramatic events that meant it was judicious to put the release of Sphere on hold. There was no point releasing it until the conditions were right.

In the meantime, we kept up our dialogue with dozens of game developers, all eager to jump into the wonderful world of web3. These developers invariably loved the Sphere concept, but they also had one major question that Sphere wasn’t going to answer: which blockchain should we use? We realized that there was a gap here that needed filling.

Enter Beam.

Meet Beam

Beam is a sovereign network focused on gaming brought to you by the Merit Circle DAO. Powered by the established Avalanche network, Beam operates independently to cater towards gamers and game developers.

  • Empowered by the Merit Circle DAO: Empowered by the established decentralized autonomous organization, Beam enjoys the support of a passionate community of gaming enthusiasts. With a strong network of more than 60 partnered games, dozens of contributors, developers, tools and investors, the DAO’s ecosystem provides confidence and instant utility.
  • Quick, simple and minimal fees: The Avalanche network ensures all subnets enjoy minimal fees and quick settlement without jeopardizing security through allowing their own configuration. Having the ability to adjust base fees and block time allows for optimization for transactions in games. One example here is the DFK subnet supporting DeFi Kingdom with 1.5 million transactions every single day for the past months with negligible fees for its users.
  • Seamless deployment: Beam allows game developers to deploy their games on-chain seamlessly. Everything from smart contracts to gas-optimized transactions, asset management, oracles for web2 games and marketplaces can be provided on Beam, letting developers focus on their games.
  • Trusted and vetted: Users can enjoy safe decentralized and autonomous applications by trusted developers allowing them to seamlessly move across the network. Initially, only whitelisted addresses can deploy new smart contracts to the subnet. To make this process happen in a fair and open way, token holders may propose what address(es) Beam allows.

How Beam will help the Merit Circle DAO blossom

The value that Beam adds resembles a sword that cuts on both sides. Slicing through the problems game developers are currently facing, Beam offers anything they may need on their quest of building a game using blockchain technology. The other side of the blade is the value Beam adds to the Merit Circle DAO.

With the DAO’s token ($MC) used as gas on the network, a requirement for validators and potentially more utility on the horizon, the entire ecosystem will flourish with the release of Beam. To learn more about the specifics of what Beam will do for the Merit Circle DAO, we kindly invite you to check out this article.

Games, infrastructure and more games.

You would have no reason to visit a grocery store without products or a carnival without attractions. With blockchains, it’s no different. To have a proper functioning network, you need decentralized applications using the network. From day one, Beam will launch with a wide range of products and games.

Proudly, we’re able to share that Beam will be home to titles like Trial Xtreme, Walker World, Hash Rush, Sphere and Edenhorde Eclipse. Besides that, there will be products such as an AMM and a wide range of infrastructural products. Do note that these games will not be live on day one of Beam, as we are dependent on their timelines.

Dive in below to find out more about the games and products confirmed to launch on Beam.

Hand-in-hand with Ava Labs

Realizing the volume of this challenge, we are thrilled to be partnering with the renowned network Avalanche. In strong collaboration with both their developers, business development team and marketing department, Beam will find its way to the masses.

Running a network of the desired size requires a capable and skillful team. In the next couple of months, the Merit Circle DAO will be attracting more development power under the supervision of OPL’s newly hired CTO Brandon Aaskov. With a strong background in building products, launching products with high usage and managing teams, Aaskov is ready to build. –

“Beam is meant for gamers and game developers alike: to take away the complexity and still offer true ownership and easy control of that ownership. To get there, we’re incredibly excited to work with Ava Labs who have proven that scaling via subnets works effectively and efficiently. To keep transactions flowing and fees low, we’re optimizing Beam specifically for game-heavy workloads so that the “hard stuff” with on-chain operations becomes an afterthought for everyone but Merit Circle.” — Brandon Aaskov, CTO OPL.

Having the support of an established partner, strong supervision and more hands coming our way, we are confident that we are well prepared to start running.

Tip of the iceberg

Although we have shared the vast majority of our plans with the update above, there’s a ton yet to uncover. In the following months you can expect us to release more in-depth information on the functionality of Beam and its products. We want to incentivize any passionate soul that aims to build on top of Beam to get busy.

The conversations with our portfolio projects are leading towards a populated network filled with fun games and millions of transactions. It’s these games that have previously reached major usage that are now excited to embrace the package the Merit Circle DAO has to offer, including Beam. This immediate validation of our idea is what drives us to deliver.

The Merit Circle DAO is nothing short of amazed by the passionate contributors making this happen, and the first impression by the community. May Beam enlighten you like never before.

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