Merit Circle gaming: creating engaging & rewarding opportunities

Just as the body requires blood to run through its veins, the Merit Circle DAO is intrinsically connected to the world of gaming. We love gaming: we invest in games, incubate games, have thousands of gamers in our community and, with the development of our gaming platform, we are bringing it all together in one place.

Merit Circle is a gaming DAO that dives deep into the gaming industry and we are on a mission to make Merit Circle synonymous with Game Finance (GameFi). Let us take you on a tour behind the scenes of our gaming vertical.

Core of the Merit Circle DAO

What began as an organization where players applied to become gaming ‘scholars’ has grown immensely over the past year. Then, we had barely scratched of what we wanted to achieve and, now, our ambitions are both being realised stage by stage and continuing to grow. As we have grown, we have shared details of our four verticals, the pillars on which Merit Circle stands today, and there’s one common denominator: gaming.

Everything we do has gaming at its heart. It’s the air we breathe, the food we eat and the drinks we sip. The core contributors to the DAO all grew as passionate gamers learning from in-game economies first-hand in the likes of World of Warcraft and Runescape. What seemed unimaginable back then is now slowly becoming a reality, a place where gaming and finance come together.

Incorporating the idea of long-term growth of the GameFi industry, we are aiming nearly everything that we do towards gamers. That translates into our investments, partnerships, development, publications, education and most importantly, our community.

Playing & earning

One thing that connects gaming and cryptocurrency are their engaged communities. When you think back to the most successful games, you’re likely to remember the corresponding community where you met some amazing people along the way. Within the crypto community, things are no different. Instead of games, you meet people through common investments or products. In both cases, the community is a driving force behind the success of a project.

Recognizing the importance of this community, we’ve been determined to create a healthy and welcoming environment for all of our gamers from the very first day. Starting with just a handful, we’ve grown to a community of thousands of people across the globe. Initially, we referred to our gamers as ‘scholars’ who were granted a scholarship to play a game with the aim of earning money. However, this term doesn’t seem as fitting today.

We have witnessed the lack of sustainability in existing gaming economies that create nothing but a large influx and outflow of users in a matter of months. Lots of lessons can be learned from that but one thing has become especially clear: gamers don’t solely play to earn. Gaming should not be something that’s done for the sake of earning money, gaming should be fun. When the fun is there it can, and should, be rewarding.

Therefore, we have embraced a new approach to our gaming culture that’s focused on creating a fun and rewarding experience for all parties involved. We’re not simply trying to scale as many ‘scholars’ as possible and submerge them in the daily grind for an additional paycheck in an attempt to squeeze out more revenue for the DAO. Instead, we’re focused on improving the skills and commitment of our gamers through education and by sustaining a healthy environment while growing qualitatively.

We will always grow our community in a healthy and sustainable manner. Each day new gamers are welcomed into the Merit Circle DAO and treated considerately. With more exciting games launching in the near future, we see this community of dedicated gamers growing even bigger, which will add value to the Merit Circle DAO.

Bringing it all together

In collaboration with Dept Agency, we are building an overarching gaming platform that will house all of our gaming operations. Currently, most of our gaming operations are scattered across various platforms and communications mainly flow through Discord. The entire workflow screams for automation and optimization, and that’s what we’re creating. We won’t leave Discord anytime soon but improvements are on the way.

In a matter of months, we have laid the foundation for a robust platform that will have the ability to sustain our growth and truly foster our community. Additionally, we aim to become an industry-standard for these platforms and have an open-door for those wandering around the metaverse. Interested in blockchain gaming? We got you!

This platform will allow us to implement new games rapidly and scale current operations like never before. While benefiting our community, it will also allow us to set up limited entrances for beta-testing upcoming games from our partners. This will be both enjoyable for our community and extremely beneficial for our partners.

We have covered the intentions of this platform in previous articles and governance proposals that you are welcome to read but a lot has happened since.


In the not-too-distant future, we will be releasing an MVP of the platform. This ‘minimal-viable-product’ will be a big step in the right direction although also far from complete. We have worked on optimizing the onboarding process for our gamers, tracking statistics, managing gamers as a coach and finding a place for educational content.

Nevertheless, this MVP is considered a skeleton of the final product. In the beta version, we will be testing all of the assumptions made during creation and eventually move towards a first official version where we can crowdsource the entire development process. We are building this product for our community, so we want to involve our community at every step.

As mentioned previously, we are building this product in collaboration with Dept Agency. This is an external agency that has allowed us to move quickly and start development immediately. However, as development progresses and we move towards a final version, we need to look ahead.

In the future, we will not be reliant on agencies like Dept Agency for development tasks. Instead, we’ll have the best people working on our products, including the gaming platform, internally. Dept Agency will be a facilitator whenever we have to move quickly, something they have shown they are more than capable of doing.

This also means that soon we will actively start to grow our own development team. We are, and will always be, a tech company and skilled developers are a requirement for our success. With our current expertise in-house, we can drive external teams to build something great, but it’s far from the in-house team we envision. To continue moving quickly and maintain long-term focus, a strong development team is crucial.

Education first

We are all about empowerment, and education is a massive part of that. As the old proverb we live by goes: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” As such, a fundamental part of our gaming platform will be the Merit Circle Gaming Academy. Here, we’ll give our gamers the tools to learn about everything from our gamers and cryptocurrency to managing aspects of their personal lives, such as financial guidance, as well.

Led by two experienced teachers, we have been carefully crafting educational content that will be widely available through our new platform. It will be the breeding ground for a new generation of gamers who’ll learn ‘on the job’ as they become better at playing their favorite games but also by being able to unlock their full potential.

Educating gamers not only about games but about web3 and all everything it has to offer will play a huge part in bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. Through education, we will enable everyone to benefit from this new technology.

Simply offering a place where gamers can earn money is not enough. Having additional income is a responsibility that should be treated accordingly and we wish to teach people how to manage this. Recruitment for new game managers happens mainly within the community and, therefore, the educational side shows us who’s most eager to learn and ultimately most willing to contribute to the Merit Circle DAO as a whole.

Calm before the storm

As we edge closer to finalizing the MVP of our platform and more games release their beta versions, we feel like now is the calm before the storm. The entire industry is warming up and more exciting games are being announced by the day. Our community team has been growing steadily and now feels like the perfect time to build this platform and improve before we take the industry by a storm.

We’ve seen demand continue to grow and it’s on us as an industry to make sure the supply meets that demand in a qualitative way. Along the way, our community will keep expanding organically and be ready to enter tons of interesting games in the future. With each gamer, our proposition towards games that are raising funds becomes more interesting. This unique position feels powerful and with that comes responsibility.

However, our investment vertical is just one of the beneficiaries of the success of our gaming vertical. Having a dedicated group of gamers and countless games we play will drive users to the NFT marketplace we are building. Plus, it also functions as a forum for feedback and beta-testing for any game or project we wish to publish out of the Merit Circle studios.

We are passionate about gaming and the launch of our gaming platform will help shape this industry. We will be the portal taking avid gamers into the GameFi industry and showing them exactly what web3 has to offer. The platform will be everything a web3 gamer needs with payouts, wallets, favorite games, testing, rewards and competitions all bound together by our engaged and loyal community.

In time, Merit Circle will be the gaming DAO everyone will know. We will be the home of thousands of enthusiastic gamers, the key to the success of many games and a core pillar of the entire industry. Ready? So are we!

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Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse

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Merit Circle

Merit Circle

Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse

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