Merit Circle partners with community-first PathDAO to scale the play-to-earn industry

The play-to-earn arena is rapidly evolving with more DAOs entering the industry than ever before. In a bid to scale the industry, we are keen to announce our partnership with PathDAO. This community-first DAO both creates value for investors and invests in players within the growing blockchain gaming and metaverse. As part of our partnership with PathDAO, Merit Circle has invested $200,000 in the seed round.

What is PathDAO?

With a strong focus on community, PathDAO is investing and managing in-game assets accruing value in the metaverse. True to its name, PathDAO’s motivation comes from an idea to create two interlacing paths: the first, representing investors seeking to gain exposure to the play-to-earn industry, and the second, encouraging players to gain by playing to earn.

PathDAO is operating at the intersection between investors and players, which magnifies the value between them. This is achieved by:

  1. Building a play-to-earn gamer community
  2. Investing in blockchain-based game assets
  3. Creating a platform for blockchain games, innovative blockchain & NFT projects

Operating in a crowded space of DAOs within the play-to-earn industry, PathDAO’s vision is to become the super index of the metaverse. The differentiation lies in its strong focus on fintech and its clear vision to bank the unbanked. In PathDAO’s case, many of the scholars playing games do not have access to bank accounts, and DeFi products can assist in solving this.

Widespread exposure in the play-to-earn industry

With PathDAO’s strong focus on gaming, the project has formed some solid partnerships along the way. Its active operations include Axie Infinity, Vulcan Forged and League of Kingdoms, where it collectively hosts more than 1,000 scholars across these games.

However, since most play-to-earn games are still in development, the focus remains on all the games that are yet to be released. These include Illuvium, Embersword, CryptoUnicorns, Geopoly, Nine Chronicles, Age of Tanks, Playermon and Sipher. We wait with excitement to see the release of these games and the role PathDAO will play.

Collaborative governance & P2E index

At the heart of PathDAO, you will find the $PATH token, functioning mainly as the governance token for the DAO. Considering it’s the core of all operations, PathDAO has ensured that all its DAO contributors are incentivized to obtain and retain $PATH tokens. The various ways in which PathDAO achieves this are best explained in the visual below:

Essentially, holding the $PATH token gives you access to the entire play-to-earn industry, as PathDAO is investing heavily in multiple upcoming games. Its aim to become a super index of the metaverse proves this point in various ways. In addition, the treasury is 100% owned by all the $PATH token holders who collectively decide on the course of the DAO.

Merit Circle x PathDAO

As it builds its way to becoming the super index of the metaverse, PathDAO is poised to gain investment and scholarship exposure in diverse geographical locations and game ecosystems. We, Merit Circle, are very excited to collaborate with PathDAO and also indirectly gain exposure in even more play-to-earn games.

Additionally, in collaboration with PathDAO, we can find synergy in dealflow with interesting projects and by bridging the gap between various geographical locations. We are excited to learn from each other and truly enhance the play-to-earn industry together.

“Merit Circle participation in our seed round is the biggest testament to how collaborative and synergistic the blockchain gaming space is. We look forward to creating value for both Merit Circle and PathDAO token holders, with operational excellence, economies of scale and community collaboration.” — Wee Kee, COO of PathDAO

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