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4 min readSep 27, 2022

Music is one of the purest forms of creative expression, something enjoyed by people across the globe through a variety of instruments and sounds. Despite playing such an important role in our lives, the music industry is plagued with issues that act as a barrier for many new and emerging artists.

For that reason, we are excited to be partnering with StemsDAO, a community focused on solving these issues by bringing music into the web3 space. As part of the partnership, Merit Circle has invested $250,000 in the seed round.

What is StemsDAO?

The way in which people create and enjoy music has changed greatly in our digital age. Thanks to the advancements of the internet and audio software, it’s easier for artists to collaborate and share their music with listeners around the world. Despite this, creators still face dated bottlenecks that prevent them from reaching a broader audience, such as working with opaque music labels, dealing with copyright infringements and being unduly compensated. Ultimately, the music industry has not developed at the same pace.

Transforming music into NFTs lets creators bring their music into the web3 space, creating a new avenue for them to earn, share and collaborate with little additional cost, through the Stems Protocol. StemsDAO is the innovative community behind this platform that aims to bring music creation onto the blockchain and put ownership back into the hands of the artists.

Stems themselves are the individual tracks that form a song; it could be a guitar riff, a drum solo or a snippet of some vocals. Breaking a song down into stems allows creators to manage the minutiae of each instrument, and is widely used by DJs and electronic artists in creating new music. By converting individual stems into NFTs, creators can retain ownership rights as these stems are spread and shared with others.

Cover of a remix by StemsDAO

A new avenue for creators

The benefits of incorporating NFT technology into the music industry are far-reaching and can solve many of the problems that exist in the industry today. Users who convert their songs and stems to NFTs will help to build a global library of sounds and samples for musicians to use around the world. This creates the perfect ground for artists to collaborate and grow. Involvement in a song, the rights to a stem or the piece as a whole can easily be traced, ensuring each artist is duly compensated for their work.

Marketing and selling music through Stems Protocol also provides an additional revenue stream for artists. By shining a spotlight on the music creation and publication processes that we have come to accept, StemsDAO is focused on bringing ownership and transparency back to the music industry. Artists will now be able to seamlessly add their songs, levy royalties, approve usage of their stems and collaborate with others. This is managed by offering incentives, which can range from on-platform perks to attendance at events organized by StemsDAO.

Cover of a playlist by StemsDAO

Merit Circle x StemsDAO

StemsDAO was founded out of the desire to further the vision of bringing music into the web3 space, alongside their dedicated community of artists and creators. We are thrilled to be partnering with a DAO that has a refreshing perspective on the music industry and is committed to improving the issues that are entrenched. With the development of the platform in full-swing, we are excited to see it reach its full potential in improving the way we make music together. To get involved in the conversation, join the StemsDAO Discord channel to get the latest updates and announcements.

“With Stems, artists with a large audience can encourage other artists to use their music legos as NFTs to make new songs through a fun gamified approach. The Stems platform and blockchain protocol empower musicians to focus on making music and give them full control and visibility into their IP and how it is used over time.” — Paris Rouzati

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