Merit Circle partners with family-friendly NFT project, Dapper Dinos

We are excited to announce our partnership with Dapper Dinos, an NFT project that aims to distinguish itself from its more traditional counterparts by bringing a family-friendly and inclusive atmosphere to the web3 space. As part of the partnership, Merit Circle has invested $250,000.

What is Dapper Dinos?

Dapper Dinos is a family-friendly NFT project made up of 9,999 hand-drawn algorithmically generated dinosaurs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. It began with the idea of creating a collection that could be enjoyed by people of all ages while building a charitable and caring community where both holders and gamers could come together.

Although the genesis collection has sold out, current and new holders will be given an opportunity to mint a baby dino egg prior to the launch of the Dino Breeding Program.

The life of each dino starts with a small egg. Once hatched, baby dinos quickly grow into adults. Each dino represents an NFT and is characterized by a number of factors including rarity, traits and accessories. There’s also the Dapperness scale, which rates dinos from Dapper to Dashing.

Certain items such as a cheetah tracksuit are worth much more on the Dappernomics’ scale than a dapper scarf, for example. Holding such dino NFTs grants exclusive access to experiences, community-driven events and much more in a first-of-its-kind metaverse.

Preview of the game

Circle of life

Breeding is an important part of the Dinoworld. Egg NFTs are created when two dinos breed with each other; these can be bred from a player’s own collection or through a breeding pool. Like real genetics, an egg will more likely than not inherit traits from the parents, however there is always the rare possibility of super rare traits. Eggs can be sold on the marketplace at any price and offer an effective low-cost method for interested players to take part in the metaverse.

In order to promote the circulation of these NFTs through the community, the collection includes an interesting breeding mechanism. Each adult dino has five ‘breeding charges’ that are consumed each time that dino has been used to breed. Each consecutive charge also becomes more expensive than the previous in $BONE.

Part of these fees are allocated to the dino that was bred, part is redistributed to dino holders and the remainder is put towards the ecosystem’s growth fund. This introduces another dynamic into the ecosystem, giving players the chance to trade dinos that may not be able to breed anymore but can be used in Dapper Dino games.

Dinosaur $BONEs & prehistoric $FOSSILS

Dapper Dinos operates through a dual token model: $BONE is the utility token that is rewarded in-game for many different activities, while $FOSSIL is the governance token, which is earned by players through staking genesis dino NFTs and by playing the game. A combination of tokens are required for breeding dinos, with the quantity of $BONE increasing with each consecutive breeding charge.

Dapper Dinos also features Dapper Dino Breeding Token (DDBTs), a rare and powerful token that grants holders a single free breed. These tokens can be consumed at any time and can be used at any stage in a dino’s breeding cycle, so they should be used wisely! All of these assets can also be traded via the in-game marketplace, presenting users with an easy-to-use app where they can easily manage all aspects of their Dino collection.

Merit Circle x Dapper Dinos

In recent years, NFTs have steadily captivated the attention and interest of people across the globe. We are extremely excited to be working with a project that is focused on building a community of members of all ages, which serves to introduce crypto concepts to the next generation of builders, founders and creatives!

For anyone who’s eager to jump in the Dinoverse, be sure to check out the Dapper Dinos discord channel. From our side, we couldn’t be more excited that our community members will take part in the Hatching, a breeding extravaganza that will provide all Merit Circlers with a breed token of their own.

“The Dinos team and community are extremely excited about this partner investment and partnership because, like Merit circle, whose mission is to revolutionize gaming and empower people, we aim to empower a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem through a revolutionary game-fix experience that will connect web2 to web3.” — Rick Seeger, CTO of Dapper Dinos

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Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse

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Merit Circle

Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse

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