Merit Circle partners with MixMob, a play-to-earn NFT racer powered by Solana

It’s with excitement that we can announce we have partnered with MixMob. Within this play-to-earn game, players experience what happens when artificial intelligence wipes out human culture, before remixing the world to bring it back. As part of our collaboration, Merit Circle has invested $515,000 and acquired 100 MixMob masks.

Style is everything

One of the standout features of this project is MixMob’s dedication to developing a unique style. MixMob takes things up a notch by providing significant utility to its NFTs, allowing owners to rock their latest look in-game as they take on their opponents in PvP battles.

The genesis drop consists of a batch of 10,000 MixMob masks that vary greatly in appearance and can be mutated further to customise a player’s look. Players can also buy a host of extras for their in-game avatars such as clothes, shoes and accessories, which can be ‘remixed’ to cater to each player’s individual style.

MixMob aims to put its community first by offering incentives to entice players from the get-go, with genesis masks offering significant rewards upon purchase. These benefits include invitations to exclusive Discord channels, early access to future game modes, airdrops and governance within the MixMob DAO.


Whilst kitting out your avatar is cool, MixMob’s gameplay centres around MixBots; remixable robots with high customisability that are used to participate in the game. Players will be required to purchase three MixBots to allow them to play.

The gameplay entails players guiding their MixBots through card-strategy battle racing as they compete in either PvE or PvP battles to reach the finish line first. These races are dictated by special power-ups known as glitches that players are offered before competing. Once a deck of 30 glitches is chosen, players can enter the arena; a reward-based battle system in which competitors earn tiered rewards based on a maximum of 11 potential battles.

Rewarding the culture

MixMob is reliant on two different tokens, Influencer Points (IP) and MixMob (MXM). IPs are used as in-game currency, allowing players to enter arena battles to rake in rewards. IPs are also required for the players to remix their robots, allowing for the creation of a MixBot containing the best elements of its parents.

MXM, on the other hand, acts as a governance token within the MixMob DAO, allowing players to help guide MixMob towards a brighter future and contribute to its success. One interesting feature available to players is the reinvestment of DAO profits into popular NFTs across the metaverse. These NFTs will then be won by lucky MXM holders in loot boxes that can be earnt through gameplay.

Merit Circle x MixMob

MixMob has been created by industry veterans. Many team members are affiliated with gaming giants such as PlayStation, XBOX and Valve, proving that they have the experience and motivation to produce a top tier game.

With a roadmap that aims to turn MixMob into a multi-genre franchise, we are thrilled to be collaborating with the team and helping to solidify their place within the P2E universe. Their ambitions are grand and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this project.

“MixMob is Axie meets Fortnite. Our goal is to give everyone the ability to be a culture maker. By working with Merit Circle, we can on-board more players who can not only earn money but also gain fame. We also see Merit Circle being instrumental in innovations we have around guilds and e-sports-like features.” — Simon Vieira, CEO/Game Director of MixMob

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