Merit Circle partners with play-to-earn gaming platform, Rainmaker Games — connecting gamers, games & guilds worldwide

As the play-to-earn industry reaches ever greater heights, helped by the influx of both games and players, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Rainmaker Games. This free, global platform enables gamers of all levels to play hundreds of play-to-earn games while earning, learning, training, chatting, levelling up and becoming verified for scouting by guilds worldwide. As part of this partnership, Merit Circle has invested in Rainmaker’s seed round.

What is Rainmaker?

While play-to-earn games are nothing short of phenomenal, the high barriers to entry remain a fundamental challenge. The first way around this came in the form of NFT rentals, with Axie Infinity scholarships one such example. These scholarships allow interested players to get involved without sourcing the demanding fees by using NFTs owned by others.

For a more permanent solution, Rainmaker Games is striving to build a platform that takes accessibility beyond scholarships: a free, global portal to the play-to-earn world, similar to software clients like Epic Games and Steam. Here, users will not only have access to hundreds of games (and be able to switch between them) but they’ll also be able track their earnings, establish their player profiles and monetize their assets through Rainmaker’s Marketplace.

What sets Rainmaker Games apart from other projects is its absolute openness and inclusiveness. The platform allows gamers of all levels, games and guilds to connect in one place. Through building community cohesion, tools and ecosystem, Rainmaker’s goal is to create the largest gaming community in the metaverse.

In a fast-moving industry, Rainmaker Games’ progression is promising with a community of tens of thousands of gamers and more than a million dollars in assets under management. However, the platform and the in-app economics are where the real excitement lies.

Rewarding all parties involved

A crucial part of Rainmaker Games’ economy is its token, $RAIN. Used to both govern and reward, $RAIN is certain to maintain value and utility. Due to its many purposes, $RAIN can be split into two main functions:

$RAIN, Players & Community Managers
All game earnings are deposited to the Rainmaker Games’ treasury. In return, players have an option between receiving 50–70% in $RAIN or the game’s currency. Rainmaker Games keeps the remaining 30–40%, while community managers receive 5–10% if they were involved in the admission of their players. All profits generated by the platform are used to create value for Rainmaker Games’ token economy.

$RAIN Token Uses & Account Tier System
There are four main uses for $RAIN:

  1. Gaming — players earn through available games
  2. Liquidity pool staking — earn rewards through staking tokens
  3. Governance — collaborative voting on the future of Rainmaker Games
  4. Rewarding — engaged, well-performing players rewarded for their performance

One interesting feature is the tier system that Rainmaker Games implements on its platform; the more $RAIN a player holds, the larger the rewards.

Merit Circle x Rainmaker

After a thorough analysis of the industry’s current challenges, Rainmaker has developed a platform aiming to tackle these head on and evolve the industry one step further. We are delighted to be collaborating with Rainmaker Games, not just financially, but strategically; we are excited to align and elevate each others’ visions while helping to accelerate the play-to-earn industry.

Rainmaker Games is essentially developing one of the largest gamer databases on the planet along with a user experience that doesn’t exist in the current play-to-earn space. At Merit Circle, we see the impact that Rainmaker is going to have in the industry and look forward to being part of that together.

“We are thrilled to partner with Merit Circle and continue to build out the best ecosystem for play-to-earn. With Merit Circle on board, we can help streamline the ability for gamers to get direct access to top guilds in the world.” — Will Deane CEO Rainmaker Games

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