Merit Circle partners with play-to-earn platform Elfin combining the best of DeFi & GameFi

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Elfin Kingdom, a unique play-to-earn platform that seamlessly fuses DeFi and GameFi into one gaming metaverse. The stars of the game, Elfins, are unique NFTs that can be collected and evolved up to three times in this colorful MMORPG. As part of our collaboration with Elfin Kingdom, Merit Circle has invested $100,000 in the private round.

What is Elfin?

Elfin Kingdom is a free-to-play game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that only requires a wallet for one to start exploring. Set in a colorful, open metaverse, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is heavily inspired by Pokémon and its lore.

Originally, Elfin Kingdom was home to numerous towns and lands, where farmers worked day-by-day to establish themselves. Unfortunately, wild Elfins began to appear, so the townspeople developed Elfin Catchers, a device designed to capture and tame Elfins.

Elfin Kingdom hosts a collection of different gameplays for every type of gamer. For those who enjoy laid-back PvE games, the towns and their zones are perfect, with adorable Elfins ready to be caught and collected. More competitive players may be drawn to battle during ESports events, maximizing the elemental battle system in Elfin.

The Kingdom will also have tokenized lands; here, players will be called ‘farmers’ and may rent their acres for others to stake $ELFIN on. More than a game, Elfin Kingdom is also an asset issuance platform. Both new and existing projects will be able to launch Initial Farm Offerings (IFO), which benefit both projects simultaneously.

Ultimately, Elfin Kingdom’s endgame is to create an application that players and users can interact through its fun gameplay and open metaverse. The project believes in a future where the economic opportunities of gaming can work to solve real world problems.

Charming, unique and full of personality, Elfins are the star of the Elfin Kingdom. Every Elfin has its own elemental type (water, fire, psych, grass and electric) and rarity level (normal, rare, legendary), which are randomly generated upon the capture of a monster.

Meanwhile, ElfinCatchers (which are modeled on Pokéballs) are used to capture these creatures. ElfinCatchers come in various grades (normal, super and ultra), which can affect how effectively an Elfin is caught.

Once players have caught the Elfins they desire, they have the option of battling other Elfins competitively, evolving their current ones or utilizing the game’s factory. Factories can be found in different maps around the Elfin Kingdom; they are the minting mechanism inside the game that allows for the creation of new Elfins. To summon a new Elfin, players must have a certain amount of Elfins in a specific rarity level and $ELFIN tokens.

Elfin Kingdom’s project has a dual token system: the $ELFIN and the $KING tokens. Although equally important to the Elfin metaverse, the tokens function in completely different ways to meet the needs of Elfin’s game and community.

Elfin Kingdom Token ($ELFIN) is a BEP-20 governance token for the Elfin Kingdom. $ELFIN holders will be able to generate yield in three ways: staking their tokens through farms or banks, playing the game and participating in governance decisions.

The goals of $ELFIN token include rewarding players who interact with Elfin Kingdom, incentivizing developers who launch their games or projects and decentralizing the ownership and governance of the Elfin Kingdom.

As for utility, there are currently five ways for $ELFIN holders to create and maintain value in the token. This includes the Farmers Union, where guilds can form to join Elfin Kingdom and Factory Processing, which is the NFT minting process, to name just two.

King Token ($KING) is a BEP-20 in game-currency token for the Elfin Kingdom. Players will be rewarded KING tokens for their time and their contribution to the game.

Players may be incentivized with the $KING token through behaviors such as participating in competitions, achieving and realizing quests or simply playing through Elfin Kingdom’s PvE mode. In comparison with $ELFIN, the $KING token can only be utilized in two ways: through rewarding players and buying in-game products, such as potions or skill cards.

Merit Circle x Elfin

With its diverse gameplay, free-to-play model and friendly interface, Elfin Kingdom’s outlook and vision can be described as ‘player first.’ We at Merit Circle are excited to form this partnership with Elfin Kingdom and explore new ways of enhancing the play-to-earn industry through our aligned visions.

Together, Merit Circle and Elfin Kingdom can bring decentralized technologies closer to people, allowing them to take advantage of blockchain technology and be part of a new economy. Through our initial investment we gain exposure in the Elfin community and we are keen to explore further exposure in terms of NFTs and the exchange of knowledge.

“Elfin Kingdom is on a quest to make financial education easier and provide income opportunities through a fun and interactive GameFi platform. Partnering with Merit Circle brings us a step closer to our goal; Merit Circle lowers the barriers to entry for our users and brings Elfin Kingdom to a broader audience and hence the ecosystem for both communities.” — Juan Ibagon, CEO

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