>Ethereum exceeded the daily transaction rate of Bitcoin over a year ago.
Nomo Fiat

Good points here.

Bitcoin is no slouch. But in an industry that’s compelled to move quickly, other technologies just move more quickly. I’m familiar with Bitcoin’s horizon with Schnorr, LN, etc. Of these, Lightning is probably closest to being realized. But lightning is not exclusive to Bitcoin. Ethereum and Litecoin have made the same amount of progress in this regard. In fact, Ethereum has more off-chain scaling solutions in the works than just Lightning/Raiden.

While it’s true that Ethereum transactions can be 1:1 if you’re just sending ether, but they frequently aren’t if you’re interacting with a smart contract, which I would argue the overwhelming majority of transactions are. It’s a common, albeit primitive, use-case of smart contracts to multiplex transactions. Smart contracts typically do much more than just transfer tokens or Ether. Comparing Bitcoin’s Script to Smart Contracts is going to be a very unbalanced fight.

Regarding Dapp engagement, please take a moment to inspect any block on https://etherscan.io, where you’ll see the majority of transactions actually involve smart contracts, which are technically dapps. It’s true that the most successful manifestations are decentralized exchanges, tokens, and cats, but that’s what early adoption looks like in a nascent technology tied to fintech. Probably 99% of apps on app stores see poor engagement, but does that mean apps are not viable?