For some reason I chose to walk through my comments and their related discussions on DISQUS today. I never do this.

From the record, I mainly content on AVC, because Fred’s content is so reliably good, really in line with my interests.

I really don’t care about “upvotes”. It’s nice to see evidence that your thoughts have been heard and resonate, but, too often it seems like a popularity contest.

The dash tells me I have 1279 upvotes from 2723 comments. 46% recognition in breadth, not accounting for depth, so that breadth drops. I don’t need upvotes to validate what I say, but I also wonder, who is paying attention, if anyone, without upvoting? Because I for one rarely upvote. So there must be more out there.

There was one really incendiary story I got involved in, called “The Dark Side of Fraternities” by Caitlin Flanagan At The Atlantic: http://buff.ly/1v4gZlm — well-worth a read. I felt very strongly about it.

Here is my most “prized” exchange by the readership; keep in mind, the commenting on this article continues today, even 9 months later. Or at least the upvoting, which I continue to get:

Emily Merkle > M.C. 9 months ago I was raped by a frat boy at Duke my first semester/ Sober. Forcibly. And silenced. 106

stayingrational > Emily Merkle 9 months ago The “Frat Boy” reveals your bias. I am sorry for your loss and your hate. 22

Emily Merkle > stayingrational 9 months ago I know, right? Disgusting how violent felonies bring out the worst in people. 195

Gotta keep your cool in these comments sections.

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