If You’re Trashing Hillary for Releasing a Book Now, Take a G*ddamn Seat.

I supported Bernie in the primaries. So, yeah. And, when Hillary got the nomination, I jumped on board without thinking twice. Like a whole lot of people.

And now Hillary has a book. Fine. But if you’re one of those who are saying “now is not the right time”, or “she shouldn’t bash Bernie” or whateverthefuck reason you’re giving to silence her, I have four words for you:

Take. A. Goddamn. Seat.

I don’t care about timing. I don’t care if she wants to tell us about alternate nostril breathing. I don’t care if the whole damn thing is about yoga pants and wearing fleece and watching movies with Bill. And, I don’t care if she has a bad word to say about Beloved Bernie. It. Is. Her. Goddamn. Right.

Hillary spoke about Russia and America didn’t listen. She suffered the slings and arrows of extreme misogyny on the world’s stage for month after agonizing month. She played by the rules for her whole friggin’ life, only to hit her head (hard) on the glass ceiling. And in case you missed it, a nation, if not a world, of women and girls went into a deep, universal mourning the day after she lost.

So, ya know what? If Hillary wants to speak to those women, to inspire those girls, to give each and every one of us some words of advice and perhaps a smidgen of hope, if she wants to connect with her people to help us understand and to help us heal together, leave her the f*ck alone.

I’m looking at you, Bernie Bros.

Because, until you know what it’s like to be a woman, to live under the constant scrutiny that your gender brings with it, to grow up being incessantly talked over, doubted, second-guessed, and accused of hormonal-hysteria or whatever flavor-of-the-day technique people use to discredit a woman and her accomplishments and ambitions, Shut. The. F*ck. Up. We don’t care, and we’re not sticking around to put up with it anymore.

So, Hillary, tell us about whatever it is you want to say in that book. Go on with your stories about walks in the woods, grandkids, or whatever-the-f*ck.

And the rest of you can check your misogyny and woman-policing at the door.

We’ve all had enough.

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