I always believed that if you’re going to protest something, there are two things you should do:
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Fair observation. I definitely agree with your points about making sure your message is clear and targeting the right audience.

His aim is to raise awareness of the topic. He wants the oppressed people to understand they are being spoken for, the oppressors to know they are being fought against and the bystanders to take a stance — because it is, in the end, the problem of an entire nation (and the entire world).

But I see all of it a bit differently.

When it comes to delivering the message, he chose the most impactful way. Because when today’s people see something like that on television, they don’t storm out of the house on a witch hunt, they go online. Maybe they hurry to Twitter and Facebook to condemn the action, but they act upon it. Or maybe they just shake their head in disbelief and go to read news regardig the issue. In any case, sooner or later everyone will know why he did that through several tweets and articles. But what is more important, they will already be emotionally engaged with the issue. And that’s exactly what causes the real impact and gets his message right where it’s supposed to go, loud and clear.

Now, I am sure a white supremacist or someone who dismisses the issue of oppression of people of color would simply think he’s an a**hole. And there’s nothing Kepernick or anyone else can say to make them change their minds. But at least they know he’s an a**hole with a message they don’t like.

But when it comes to people who actually are fighting the war against oppression alongside Kaepernick, they would respect him for what he did. Because they are the first to know how difficult it is to make an impact and deliver a message to any kind of audience. They would also know that anyone who is ready to sacrifice for their mission, is a hero. His very message speaks for the people who are already doing good, because that’s exactly why they are doing all the good.

However, I do agree that there are a lot of people who will feel hurt, betrayed, angry and upset when they see Kaepernick not standing up for the anthem. But it gets media coverage. It gets people invested and emotionally tied to the issue. And that’s what we want — because people start the discussion and become more aware.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and following your logic — it really made me think and express the way I see the situation ☺