Confessions of a Bad Teacher: Why I Left my Dream Job
Mary Flegler

Isn’t it very often the problem with dream jobs that they turn out to be very different from what they are believed to be?

You definitely made the right decision for yourself and your students. There is no need to sacrifice your mental health, it definitely doesn’t benefit you or your students in any way.

And I agree that the system is to blame here. Teachers’ low wages, lack of time and low quality professional development opportunities are the proble of educational systems all around the world. And the systems are to blame here.

But I do think there are teachers who are good at their job and teachers who are not. Because some people are just not made for it, for whichever reason that is. And while I agree with your decision and the political statement you and several other teachers made by quitting your job, I can’t help but feel sorry towards the students who are the actual victims of it all.

But good luck to you in whatever you will be doing next and thank you for sharing your experience!