Klean Dry Carpet Cleaning | (505) 319–3646 | Albuquerque New Mexico

Klean Dry Carpet Cleaning | (505) 319–3646 | Albuquerque New Mexico


Klean Dry specializes in Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Even the toughest traffic areas and stains come out with our specialized carpet cleaning service. all our low cost prices make it affordable for you to keep your home clean.

* Pet dander
* Pet odor removal
* Traffic areas
* Dark or black stains
* Kool aid stain removal
* Dust mites
* Drink spills
* Dirt
* Regular carpet cleaning

Our basic Carpet Cleaning services include a pre treatment to help break up oils and grease in the fibers and and loosen soils and dirt so our high powered truck mounted steam cleaning units can extract them out..we use on board water softners in all of our units, this helps reduce any unwanted residue being left behind and boosts

Our cleaning ability. we use name brand top of the line detergents and spotters in our carpet cleaning process.. With 20 years of experiance. Klean Dry has been able to revive even the dirtiest stained carpet.

A carpet that is meant to be a comfortable place to lay down with a blanket and pillow to watch a movie, or where a baby learns to walk or crawl is often instead a source of hidden “creepy crawlies” and unsuspecting ailments.

Without getting rid of these common critters AND their “left overs” you may be leaving your family subject to airborne illness, skin irritations and sinus irritations that contribute to sneezing, snoring and asthma. Plus you’ll have a carpet that seems to never get clean.

But you can have a clean, comfortable carpet that looks like new, smells great, is easy to maintain and is safe…

The first step is to make sure and vacuum your carpet at least once a week before the pollutants have a chance to embed in your carpet. If kids or pets are present in the house then carpeted areas may need to be tended to multiple times a week.

To prevent rapid dirt accumulation, have house guests remove shoes before entering the home.

Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to eliminate putting unnecessary allergens and pollutants into the air.

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