Add CTR in GWT LP Query report

Do you want CTR for every keyword? Ok: are you ready?

In Google Webmaster Tools > Search Traffic > Search Queries > Top Pages report you can check Impression, Click, CTR and Average Position for every (Google) available landing page.

Clicking on little black arrow you can check main keywords for that landing page, like this:

But where are CTR for single queries? Google… #dontbeevil please. But I can help you with a simple bookmarklet:

javascript:function loadScript(url, callback){    var script = document.createElement("script");    script.type = "text/javascript";    if (script.readyState){          script.onreadystatechange = function(){            if (script.readyState == "loaded" || script.readyState == "complete"){                script.onreadystatechange = null;                callback();            }        };    } else {          script.onload = function(){            callback();        };    }    script.src = url;    document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script);}loadScript("", function(){gwtlp_fn_toolbar();});

20150418 14:40: I publish new “toolbar” version after my friends tested it. Now you can found it in a right-footer green toolbar with Export feature too. If you have .js version update you still can see new version (3.0).

20150413 10:30: Functions are located in public external js, to ensure best code production and management. This software is open, if you want you can check it or download it and modify.

20150409 14:42: This is the new version with auto-expand. You can set it on/off via “expand” variable: true is on, false is off.

And you can see something like (check green column!):

ps: to use bookmarklet simply add new bookmark in your browser and paste my code in URL field.