10 Secret Tips to Magazine Worthy Christmas Gift Wrapping

Merlin Sturgill
Nov 23, 2017 · 4 min read

1. Forget the Christmas Gift Bags

There are a lot of people who enjoy gift bags since they come in a bunch of colors and sizes but it can take away from that gift you spent time making so beautiful. A pleasantly wrapped present is so much better than a bag so if you can, then wrap your gifts. However, if you can’t bear to separate from them then find ways to decorate them too with embellishments, bows and pretty tissue.

2. Everything Goes In A Box

The reason behind most people disliking to wrap gifts might have something to do with trying to get wrapping paper around those awkwardly odd shaped presents. Sometimes there just isn’t enough tape or patients to figure it out but luckily there is an answer. By putting everything in right size boxes you save your self the frustration since rectangle objects are the easiest to wrap.
Boxes are also sturdy and can be kept all year round, year after year.

Tip: You can use candy boxes for smaller gifts like jewelry, watches, or anything that is small.

3. Buy Wrapping Supplies That Fit a Theme

You can make your gifts even more decorative by purchasing coordinated wrapping paper that fits a theme of colors and designs. Everything looks so pretty when it reflexes the same beautiful colors that look great together. Try to shop with a pattern in mind and try to coordinate accessories like bows too.

4. Try Using Non-Festive Gift Wrap

There plenty of different designs to choose from that will look perfect even on Christmas so don’t feel like you are limited to just holiday wrapping paper. You can make any combination of design and colors you want and add a bow to give it that holiday touch.
Tip: Make sure you choose good quality paper which can be just as affordable as the bad quality, thin, tear easily, wrapping paper.

5. Decorate With Real Ribbons

Warping makes the present but it’s the bow that makes us think of the holiday spirit.
Real ribbons don’t only look better but you can reuse them for next year which saves you money and the hassle of having to repurchase more every season. Plus, it’s one less thing on your list to get which allows you to focus on other preparations.

6. Learn How To Create 3 Awesome Bows

The next step right after getting ribbons is learning how to make great bows and don’t worry, it’s easier then it seems. Once you get the idea, it will take you almost no time to make and there are far more genuinely appealing then those self-stick bows you get at the store.
Even the most basic bows you can make will be perfect on top of any holiday gift.
You should try to learn at least 3 styles so you can alternate the look of your gifts.

7. Embellish Gifts

You can step it up a notch by using more than just bows to make your present look stunning. You can try adding pinecones, ornaments, bells, twine, candy canes, tiny wreaths, just to give you a few ideas. It’s a great way to make your gift look fun and inviting.

8. Save Everything

After everyone opens their gifts you can collect all the bows, embellishments, and boxes and store them away for next year. You can have fun every year finding new combinations for your gift wrapping ideas to make it exciting every year. It also helps to keep everything in a large clear container so it’s easy to spot and you can see everything that is inside.

9. Wrap As You Buy

Don’t wait to wrap all your gifts until the last minute or you might lose the time and energy to make them all special and unique. If you wrap each gift as you or at least plan a few wrapping days on your schedule to be better prepared.

10. Create A Present Wrapping Station

Last but defiantly not least. Find something to hold all your gift wrapping supplies and a table can turn any area into a wrapping station. No more hunting for tape or scissors when you have everything in one convenient location.

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