Henri Matisse, French painter and 20th century creative master, once said:

“Creativity takes courage.”

I believe that creativity is a rebellious act. To be creative is to challenge the status quo. To go against what others tell you is correct and to find your own truth. Real creativity is an act of rebellion, a defiant act, a refusal to conform.

This rebellion occurs within the mind. Creatives embrace misconduct within
their patterns of thought. They allow new areas of thinking to be explored. Areas that were previously forbidden or ignored.

A creative idea might be laughed at. Rejected as nonsense. Ridiculed as idiocy. The unknown is unproven and easy to dismiss. A creative idea can change the way we understand the world.

We are all creative. We are all rebellious. We all have a delinquency stirring inside us. Humans had to be creative in oder to survive. Life itself is a creative act.

We are also courageous. Unfortunately, not always. And usually not when it
comes to the unknown or unproven. When mockery, ridicule and reputation are at risk courage can falter.

Courage is taking action in the face of fear. Creatives are afraid of what
others might think, but mostly they are afraid of themselves. They ask, “Am
I good enough?”, “What do I know?”.

When you are out there creating, remember to be honest, be free, and be
yourself. Regardless of success or failure, the harmony of creative courage
will be yours to keep.

“Creativity takes courage.”
- Henri Matisse

Merci Henri pour votre courage,
Merlin Zuni

Watch the paraphrased video of this manifesto here.