Merlyn — I appreciate your feedback.
Mark Gelband

Thanks for the reply, and the healthy and thoughtful response to my debate-like skepticism :)

I agree that a legally binding document of that type, I think, is a lot stronger than unenforceable oaths that companies typically give (at best) these days. I also agree that the approach of waiting around for the perfect solution would mean a lot less culture gets created in the mean time.

I like this “boutique” word here, and I like the idea of a creator marketplace that is more meaningful and community oriented than, say, Etsy. I also like the idea of a social network that has to answer to me because I pay for it.

I think the “hub” aspect of the original post was the most interesting to me. The total-ownership that old-school web forum software or self-hosted wordpress is really valuable. But those are a pain. Something with that level of self-governance, that somehow still matches the total polish and integration and ease of use of Twitter, et al, sound really important.