Mermaid Prom Dresses

Prom is one of the most fun times in your teenage life. There will be a lot of preparation as you start to get ready for prom. Picking out your prom dress will be no small feat. You may want to go with a whole group of friends. This is a fun activity, but I would advise against purchasing your dress when you’re out with friends. You’ll find that their perspectives alter your own choices. What they like soon becomes what you like. It’s much better to go with your mother or just one trusted friend. Go with someone who knows and respects your own style. Then, if you find a mermaid prom dress that you love, no one will pressure you into it or out of it.

Some girls feel like they can’t go to prom without a date. Others feel like a date holds them back. Whether or not you have a date shouldn’t make a difference as to what dress you choose, but you will need to coordinate. It’s nice to have a date with a matching tie or handkerchief that is the same color is your dress. You’ll want to get your dress in advance in order to make these kind of coordinations. You might also want to show the dress to your date, but don’t try it on for them. You want to surprise them on prom night. This will also allow them to get you a matching flower for your mermaid prom dress.

If you’re going with a group of friends, none of this will matter. However you will have to make other accommodations. A lot of young people love to go to prom in a limo. This is a fun activity. For many girls it will be their first time in a limo. There are TVs in there and often refreshments. You can sit backwards and sometimes on the side the vehicle. Usually the cost of the limo will be split between everyone who wants to ride in it. This is a fair way of doing it. If you don’t have that kind of extra money, you’ll need to find a different way to get to and from the prom. A lot of people choose to drive.

When it comes to prom night, you’ll want to keep it few thoughts in mind for your safety and happiness. First, be careful with your shoes. Don’t pick ridiculously uncomfortable shoes. Sure, a lot of your friends are going to want comfortable shoes. That doesn’t mean you should too. The less comfortable your shoes are the better the chances that you won’t be wearing the shoes by the end of the night. It’s much better to get a low heel and a comfortable shoe that you can enjoy all night.

Second, you need to be careful about boys. This is true whether you have a date or not. If a boy wants you to drink, it’s a bad idea. Drinking impairs your judgment. You’ll end up doing something you regret if you drink on prom night. Instead, have fun at the prom, stay late, and then go home.