Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

I find that it’s easier to not do anything at all

Let the other uknown wash over me

Your words spill clean and pure

Ridding me of a mindless sin

Get up, go faster, do it now

But vapidness is a virture in my eyes

I can’t help it, you know

Until I wade in the aftermath

I see the destruction, the wake of the dubious descent

I wonder if the tides will change, if the moon controls this feeling?

I find it’s easier to not do anything at all

It’s only natural for culpability to waver

Your talk is weighted, your mind is cloaked in fire

Do it now.

Do it faster.

Move. Move.


But you know, that’s just one outcome

Then I watch with a glimmer unaware,

The world I knew no more, in glowing soot and luck

What’s it mean to you, that I’ve become the despicable automaton?

I find it’s easier to not do anything at all

When reprehension rests comfortably in your arms

It’ll only take a moment for its talons to gut you through

I’ll watch for you, I’ll take your place

I’ll leave a spot just for your ego

It’s a shame that we couldn’t compromise

If we toss the die, make a bet

Leave it in the hands of fate

If the world comes to an end, it was all a plan

And let it be known that culpability fades with each passing second

I’ll let you think you achieved success

That’s the easiest lie to tell

Would you believe the truth if I told you?

I find it’s easier to not do anything at all

Don’t you?