Warning Sign

“do not cross police barricade tape close-up photography” by David von Diemar on Unsplash

Dripping from your lips

It tastes like candy

Sweet, upon the first moment

Bitter, upon leeching for long

An electric shock at the speed of you

You only want more

When more isn’t enough, you’ll break

Euphoria consuming every creak of you

A thick fog encompassing your thoughts

Clarity couldn’t be found if you even tried

You won’t, though, and that’s just it

When you did, it was nothing

That empty void is yours to keep

Lock it up, keep it rabid

And bathe in its fire

Let it open your pores and change your code

You’ll only want more

If a red light appears, go past it

If you waver for a moment, destroy it

That sensation is a fluke, you’ll never feel it again

Once you think you’ll explode, then you’ll know

That was the warning

And you missed it

Like everything else.