Mental Health and Medication

We live in an age of revolution and discovery. Every day there are new ways to treat illness. And every day there is more research and new ideas on the best ways to be treating these sicknesses. There are so many options for treatments nowadays it seems like there must be something out there that will be right for you. So with all of this information, why is there still so much controversy surrounding the best ways to help people get better? And with all of these treatment options why are there still so many people without the proper access to these things?





Erin: China received it’s first Nobel Prize in science. This goes to show that Chinese medicine is actually scientifically based and should be taken seriously instead of being seen as a joke.

Emily: That’s a good point Erin many things are not what we once thought them to be. Doctors used to try to treat eating disorders with psychiatric medication, but they have found that those medications do not help. The treatments that work best for eating disorders are ones used to break habits. This goes to show that when problems are looked at from a different angle new solutions can be found.

Josh: They certainly are being looked at from different angles, but not necessarily the right ones. Some disorders are continuing to be treated by medication, and even those that no longer use it have medication lingering behind.

Ethan: New solutions are an ever surfacing idea in the world of medicine. I think that with so many known illnesses that are contagious or not, doctors are beginning to become desperate and are searching for new and improved methods of helping patients. For example, the F.D.A. has allowed the use of OxyContin in children. It is in serious debate, however, it exemplifies how doctors are trying their best to help in an way possible. It is important to remember that it is the doctor’s job to help people in health and that they are doing what they can to benefit the population.

Josh: But just how effective are these new substances and permissible prescriptions. So many controlled and uncontrolled substances are still present today and offer high value on the streets. There isn’t a place for them to safely return to and we have little idea as to what to do with them, whether for children or adults.

Ashley: There is also the issue of misdiagnosis. A doctor sees a problem and throws a medication at it, even if there is no guarantee that the doctor is correct. And even with a proper diagnosis finding the proper medication is often a hit and miss situation. Taking the wrong medication can leave a person in a worse state than they were to begin with. But it is also important to remember that for people who are truly sick, medication is often the only chance they will have at a normal life. In the West Africa article the mentally ill patients mentioned do not have access to these resources, and their families might believe that spirits are making them ill, and there is no need, or reason for medications.

We have not found answers to our questions. Researchers and scientist are constantly trying to find new and improved ways to treat illness and disease, these ever changing treatments cause controversy. Proponents say new is always better while on the other hand people want to stay with what they know.

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