I, Racist
John Metta

You have put in words what I have tried to explain so many times, although a matter of such dire degree should not need to be put in words to be realized. It has never been about my wanting to feel good about myself at night, but rather how can I sleep at night if I do not stand up and speak out against the very racism that so many other white people deny exist? It is not about the past it is about the present, and always has been. The truth is often hard to swallow but remains relevant none the less. I have lived among black friends, and I say friends because it is the right word for the welcome you receive when breaking bread, sharing stories, laughing, and enjoying one an others company. None of this in any way can ever allow me to see the world through the eyes of the oppressed, the persecuted, and the tortured, as white people we will never understand what it feels like to be put under the microscope for every crime we commit, we will never be slandered for getting shot by a cop, and we will apparently never stand together with our FELLOW AMERICANS, and fight for what is right. Why? because we are too busy defending ourselves, and excusing or apologizing for someone else’s hate, or all together denying that racism even exists. It exists, it doesn’t need your permission or acceptance, what it needs is our voice. One voice can make a ripple, but many voices can make waves, and if you weren’t busy making excuses for yourself and instead made a change. And for the record I can not count how many times I have been in a room full of white people who assume that just because we share the same color their racist comments will go unnoticed, and if it’s the case for me then I know you know they truth, and never have a stood idly by as a fellow American or a group of Americans were talked ill about. We are segregated by ignorance to the truth, and I have seen it no other way. You are on point, and it saddens me to say nothing will change until white people make it change, and that is racism.