Notes on Preserving AAVE

Refusing to teach non-black people AAVE is not enough; they will use it poorly and end up murdering it anyway. The root of the problem involves preventing its consumption.

Radio DJ from 1979 film The Warriors [Lynn Thigpen’s lips face a microphone from the Left, slightly opened as if abut to speak or about to stop speaking]

(TW: violent language on lack of consent)

  • Question 1: How do we devalue ourselves on the conveyor belt of anti-blackness, the conveyor belt being an abstraction of the material erasure of our linguistic labor that compliments our social death.
  • Question 1’: How do we put a watermark on AAVE...?
  • Consider: Perhaps the solution is not a devaluation, but making AAVE inaccessible to non-Blacks.
  • Question 2: What makes language inaccessible?
  • Inaccessible language needs to appear consistently foreign to the audience. It’s use can not consist of one word spoken here and there, over and over again in isolation... Even that asshole Goebbels knew that’s how you teach people an idea, or a language.
  • Therefore, it follows that a unique or uniform syntax is beneficial. Does the body of aave needs a path, a flow and not just a style?
  • It must be noted that obscurity denotes more than complication. At least a minute sense of uniformity, or homogeneity, ought to create an autonomous, unique and nonperversible identity for the language (nationalist linguistics?).
  • AAVE is already nationalistic. The trouble is that it gets raped, broken, whitewashed and distributed to everylne who isn’t white, and Black peoples’ labor goes unrecognized once again.
  • I juxtaposed the rape and abuse of two other, seperate languages (popular yet differing in its speakers), pondering the histories of Spanish-speaking communities and futbol’rs(sp?), the repression they have and have not faced, and the effects on the use of the languages they use in North American society. Upon juxtaposing AAVE vs Spanish vs futbol lingo, and all I can think is "the genocidal state perpetuate the abuse of AAVE over Spanish and futbol lingo.”
  • Firstly, this much more possible to accomplish because Blackness is predominantly a non-African category for human beings. Both Spanish and futbol’s histories, ancestry, and the evolution of language are internationally respected and well-documented by the state itself, through material support such as subsidies, education, and aesthetic preservation. Blackness, on the other hand, is nothing more than a contrast to what, or whom, survives or does not undergo social death. Eg, Black people in America, specifically African-Americans, are not universally recognized by ethnicity, while Spanish is known to be geographically or even ethnically diverse, as if futbol lingo (versus soccer) and league denomination. In contrast to AAVE, futbol’s lingo and Spanish both have more weight in their history, not materially, but by means of an anti-black, Molochite state. Black people, in the eyes of most non-Blacks, have no history, no eternalized and self-proliferating meaning beyond slavery in the eyes of non Black people.
  • A genocidal (at minimum, cryptogenocidal) state is also a highly possible answer to the rape of AAVE because it would only further perpetuate and fractalize the commodification and proliferation of progroms against Black bodies and Black identity.
  • Simple assertion: AAVE is sold by Hollywood and television as hip and cultured, as opposed to novelty and technical, both of which are characteristics of the Spanish language and futbol’s slang and technical lingo.
  • Slavery, the commodification of Blacks... if this is true then the only solution to protecting AAVE is violence a la Frank B. Wilderson III: revolt against the genocidal, Molochite state in any manner, the rejection of its legitimacy, because we will can be autonomous with the system that reproduces our social death in a constant state of counter-revolution.
  • Assertion: Unlike futbol, unlike Spanish, the technicality of AAVE is diminished. That’s why white people can use it like AAVE is shorthand.
  • One may even say it is even beneath shorthand— it is consumed as nothing near a language, but moreso as a game, a magnificent communal joke that brings smiles and laughter. Or a way to infiltrate and further rape the Black community. That goes to ssy, albeit redundantly, that this is done without our consent.
  • Soft Conclusion: AAVE can only be preserved via militant rejection of white supremacy and its toxic tentacles. This is only possible by permanently revealing and realizing the genocidal state’s illegitimacy and lack of respect for humanity.
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