What Would a Time Traveler Tell Media Companies?
Jason Seiken

You’re right Jason but there also seems to be a reluctance among commentators to critique the historic media culture. I remember speaking at media conferences in the late ’90s making rather modest observations about the Internet already being 7X24 making the paper many hours old when it arrived on the doorstep. I was practically booed and tossed off stages. Mentioning video to print people back then was seen as ridiculous even audacious. Mentioning product development in newsrooms was seen as turning the newsroom culture into a “business.” You combine that hubris with the news industry’s general resistance to change and it’s easy to see how the media’s problems weren’t just about tech and were in many ways avoidable had open, progressive cultures existed then. The notion that the level of media disruption we’ve witnessed was inevitable holds up only if you believe media culture couldn’t change.

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