Let’s Take a Moment To Look at Pictures of My Cats

Merritt J. L.
3 min readNov 8, 2020

Look how soft they are!!

Photo by Author. This is Versace. Look how beautiful she is!! :)

Prepare for another hard-hitting article by me.

Today’s article focuses on the important issue of looking at my kitties. Well, technically our kitties. My fiancée and I share custody.

We have two.

The black one (o-o-o-h so elegant) is Miss Versace. She’s two years old and is filled with grace.

The white one (so handsome!) is Mickey. He’s a chonker and is filled to the brim with playful joy. He is only eight months old!

Photo by Author. This is Mickey! He’s our good boy.

While Versace loves to pose for the camera, Mickey prefers a good nap.

Mickey has the tendency to keep us up at all hours of the night. Usually well into the morning.

He likes to find the noisiest toy he can find (even if it’s not a toy — beer bottle caps are very popular for him) and he will use it for his marathon hockey games.

Photo by Author. Baby Mickey!

Mickey was SO small when we got him. Look at him in the above photo! He was only two months old here.

He was a street kitten (rescue) and by the time we got him, he had too little time with his mother. Because of this, he had a tendency to suck on his back legs. He’s much better now, though. :)

Photo by Author. More of Versace.

As I said before, Versace loves to pose for the camera.

Look at her beautiful green eyes.

She doesn’t like to be carried, but she loooves pets.

Every time my fiancée or I lift her up, she lets out a long “meeeeoooowww”. Then we go to put her down and she is magically perfectly okay. She just likes to be dramatic.

Photo by Author. Yay for more pictures of Mickey :)

Look how handsome he is!! Sometimes he poses for the camera, as well.

He’s like a little ball of pudding. He doesn’t mind if you pick him up, he’ll just melt in your arms.

Photo by Author. Candid photo of Versace.

Versace tends to be pretty silly when she doesn’t know the camera is on.

Fortunately, our apartment has many windows for our two furbabies to look out of.

Photo by Author.

We’re very happy that the two of them get along so well.

We had Versace for over a year before we got Mickey. She never showed signs of loneliness. When we initially got Mickey as a smol kitten, it took a moment for the two to become acquainted with each other. But now, they’re best friends.

This is an official call to action for all Medium writers to share pictures of their pets.