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Today was a good day. My best friend and I visited our favorite spot in Long Island City. We always come here before school starts and talk and catch up all while enjoying our view of the city skyline. Since I won’t be here before she goes back to school we figure we would carry out our tradition, just a month early.

As I sit here and write and think and stare at my beautiful view, I start to miss you. I hate being in the car with the radio on because that’s when I think the most. I have to focus on what amazing things I have around me besides what’s left of you. When I’m distracted, I don’t miss you. I need distractions. My month away will be the biggest distraction of them all and I’m genuinely so excited for my mind to get away from you. *think happy thoughts Cheyenne*

In other news, I need to vent about other matters. I had a shitty day at work so I’m thankful I have this view in front of me right now so I can forget about it. As much as I try to play off this sassy yet classy facade, I know if you’re as sassy as I pretend to be, to me, I’ll definitely cry. I cried at work today. EMBARRASSING. And in front of people too. Yay.

I got into a little disagreement with a coworker and it made me feel awful. He’s constantly picking at little things and instigating and I got tired and blew up. There’s only so much a person can take. There’s many things I hate and being embarrassed is near the top of my hate list. He embarrasses me on a daily basis. With his crazy antics and his bully behavior. I just think about how people like that will end up miserable and alone.

Everyone has flaws but if I could get rid of one it would definitely be my sensitivity. Not only that but I can’t say no to people. It’s physically impossible for me to tell someone I can’t do them a “favor” or I can’t go out with them. If I really don’t want to, I’ll say yes and then think of an excuse down the road why I can’t. Confrontation was never my forte, obviously…