7 Simple Exercises for Perfect Buttocks, Thighs, and Legs

These simple exercises that will give you slender legs in almost no time. Try to do at least 30 reps of each set, and don’t forget a light warm-up before starting.

Set 1: Lunges with jump-changing legs

  • Lunge forward with your left leg, holding your back straight and keeping your right knee lower than the left one.
  • Jump up as high as you can, helping yourself with your arms.
  • Change your legs in the air, landing in a lunge position with your right leg.

Begin with 10–12 reps, changing your leg each time before landing. Gradually increase the number of reps to 30.

Set 2: Jump crunches

  • Bend your knees a little, and draw your arms back.
  • Jump straight up, trying to lift your knees as high as you can.

This exercise requires more effort than the others. It’s difficult to do 30 jumps on your first attempt, so it’s better to divide them into 3 sets of 10 reps with a one-minute rest in between.

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