Creative Writing

Business Side

For creative writers, the business side of things can often be ignored. However, understanding the business side of writing is crucial for someone who wants others to read and enjoy their work. Writers often become excited about being able to see their work out there, but they need to take interest in the business side of things if they want to see profits from their work.

Resources are available for writers who don’t know much about the business side but are interested in learning more. Writer’s Digest and others publish articles that help writers learn more about the writing business.

Future of Creative Writing

Creative writing has found many uses throughout history, from teaching language to teaching aesthetics. Many currently use creative writing as a way to study literature.

In the future, creative writing may serve many purposes. It can be used as a tool to help many learn language skills, creative expression and literary interpretation. For those who are interested in writing creatively in a larger sense, creative writing may encourage many future authors.

The biggest challenge of future creative writing in an academic setting will be to provide programs that satisfy both the broad needs and the more specialized needs.

Technology of Creative Writing

Technology can be used for many different disciplines, including creative writing. From inspirational ideas to launch a story or publishing a finished story to present to the public, technology provides many tools for creative writers.

For inspiration, websites such as Pinterest and “Be Happy” can provide many creative ideas. These websites provide images and quotes that can spark creative thought and conversation, which can be turned into creative writing pieces.

As creative writers are developing their work, they can use resources such as popplet and storybird to brainstorm through their ideas and begin to organize them into a cohesive story. In addition, apps such as book creator can also help with developing stories.

Once the piece is finished, creative writers can use different sites to publish their work and make it available for the public to see. Most of these websites are focused on getting the content out for the public to view rather than copyrighting it.

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