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Mother and Child Hit by Car

A mother and her five month old child were hit by a car on Wednesday. While the mother survived with serious injuries, the infant did not survive the crash. Police have yet to determine whether the driver will face charges.

Liberty Flames Hope for Upset Against Hokies

For the first time, the Liberty Flames football team will face the Virginia Tech Hokies. Led by a new quarterback and many new offensive players, the Flames hope to upset the Hokies. Many of these players feel special motivation to beat the Hokies, since they were rejected when they tried to make the team.

Family Reunites with Liberty Flames Players Who Helped Rescue Them

A month and a half after being helped by Flames football players, the Franklin Family was reunited with the players. Shalita Franklin still recalls the horrific fire that almost took the lives of her children and destroyed her home. Originally unaware of the players part in the rescue, Franklin was thankful to meet them and show her gratitude.

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