How to find your Uber passenger rating.

Edit 4: Uber has removed the passenger rating again.

Edit 3: After being hidden for over a week, the Uber passenger rating hack is back online.

Edit 2: Unfortunately, Uber has removed the public passenger rating. Goodbye 4.6…

Edit 1: Uber is currently trying to fix it. Hurry to find your rating!

Uber has a rating system for Drivers and Passengers. Both can rate each other.

Uber doesn’t give any easy way for users to find their rating.

Follow steps below to find your rating. Either download the chrome extension or follow instructions manually.


  1. Go to and log in.

2. When page below loads, open console (CMD + option + j on Chrome).

3. Paste Javascript code into your console.

if(window.Uber.pingData === false) { location.reload(); } else { alert("Name : " + window.Uber.pingData.client.firstName + " " + window.Uber.pingData.client.lastName + "\nEmail : "+ + "\nPassenger rating is : "+ window.Uber.pingData.client.rating); }

4. The first time you paste code, your browser will reload. Keep the console open and once the page loads again, paste code again. If you are successful, popup below will appear.

Feel free to share your rating in the comments.

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