Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol | Reviews | Clenbuterol Alternative

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol is one of the best-selling legal steroids to come out of Crazy Bulk over the past few years. This product comes in pill form with 120 capsules per bottle to make up a 30-day supply.

The core goal of this legal steroid is to be the best possible alternative to the anabolic fat burner, Clenbuterol.

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol

The names are similar, but Clenbutrol provides the same steroid-like benefits of ClenbutErol without any of its associated side effects.

That said, let’s move on to this legal steroid’s in-depth product review.

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol:

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol is the legal and safe alternative to ClenbutErol. It makes use of all-natural ingredients to provide fast and effective fat loss.

The ingredients used in this legal steroid are independently tested and proven to help with weight loss.

This product is one of thirteen legal steroids and supplements that Crazy Bulk produces.

It is also part of a few Crazy Bulk stacks. This includes the Cutting Stack that contains Clenbutrol, Anvarol, Testo-Max, and Winsol.

Working Mechanics Of This Fat Burner:

This is a prime fat burner that men and women can use to eliminate stubborn fat. It’s most helpful for those who have only that last bit of fat left and want to get well-defined muscles.

But those who are just starting their weight loss journey can also use this pill to accelerate their fat loss.

This legal steroid works in two stages:

  • It improves the body’s natural metabolic rate
  • It activates thermogenesis

When these two actions are stimulated, the body naturally burns more fat for faster weight loss.

Benefits To Expect:

Thousands of people use Clenbutrol every day because of this pill’s effective benefits. These benefits are focused on weight and fat loss but also include improving muscle definition and overall health.

Here is a list of the benefits you can expect with this legal steroid:

Improved Metabolism

This pill works to stimulate the basal metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body burns fat and carbohydrates to produce energy.

When your metabolism improves, you can expect more fat burn when you exercise. The improved metabolism also helps prevent further weight gain without having to restrict your diet.

Activated Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is the process in which the internal body temperature is raised by 1–2 degrees to improve fat oxidation.

This pill activates thermogenesis, accelerating the fat burn you experience. It also allows you to sweat more and improves the efficiency of your fat loss workouts.

Greater Energy Levels

When the body experiences the increase in metabolism and internal body temperature, there is a significant boost to fat loss.

However, the oxidized fat doesn’t just disappear as it gets converted into usable energy. This is how the legal steroid allows you to lose weight while boosting energy levels too.

Preserved Lean Muscle Mass

Thousands of weight loss supplements can are available online. However, most of these are not capable of preventing the loss of muscle mass during the process.

This legal steroid, however, works to preserve your lean muscle mass while still provide weight loss like with Clenbuterol.

Active Ingredients And Components Used:

This product uses 100% natural ingredients instead of artificial ones like Clenbuterol Hydrochloride.

This is to allow the pills to be sold without a prescription and without causing side effects.

However, many natural ingredients provide the benefit of weight loss.

And after careful trials and tests, the experts formulated the proprietary blend of Clenbutrol with these four active ingredients:

Guarana Extract (114 mg)

Guarana is what contains a high concentration of caffeine. However, the caffeine is stable and doesn’t cause the spike and crash in energy levels like in coffee.

This ingredient allows a stable boost to your energy levels while also working as a diuretic. That means that Guarana extract is effective at helping eliminate water weight.

And most important is that this ingredient helps accelerate fat loss by stimulating the basal metabolic rate.

Citrus Aurantium (150 mg)

Citrus aurantium is also known as Bitter orange. This ingredient is commonly used to boost weight loss with thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

It has these functions because it contains a chemical called Synephrine.

It’s used in many bodybuilding supplements because of its ability to aid weight loss while preventing muscle loss.

Nicotinamide (21 mg)

Nicotinamide is also known as Vitamin B3. This vitamin is part of several types of supplements including weight loss pills.

It works by improving the fat oxidation and metabolism of carbohydrates in the body.

This ingredient also aids in boosting energy levels while promoting muscle recovery and fat loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract (150 mg)

Garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular weight loss ingredients right now. It works to promote weight loss with the help of HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) which is a natural appetite suppressant.

Other than suppressing your appetite, it also helps prevent fat production and storage.

Issues With Safety And Side Effects:

Crazy bulk boasts a bold claim that their legal steroids are a 100% safe and side-effect free.

They claim that the all-natural blends in their products ensure that you don’t experience any side effects.

However, I know that any ingredient, natural or artificial, in high enough levels, can cause adverse effects.

So, I checked the Supplement Facts for Clenbutrol. Here, I found that all the ingredients were at levels that are safe to take for most people.

This means that there is substance behind the claim of a side-effect free Clenbuterol alternative.

I also read some online Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol reviews and testimonials. Here, I failed to find any mention of side effects while using this legal steroid.

Dosage And Timings:

Each bottle for this Clenbuterol alternative has 120 all-natural capsules. This accounts for a 30-day supply with the daily recommended dosage of three capsules per day.

You can choose to take all three pills in the morning with a meal or throughout the day.

However, I would suggest against taking the pills at night as they could affect your sleep quality.

Buying Clenbutrol Online:

Like all Crazy bulk products, you can only buy Clenbutrol online from their official site. Here, you get free worldwide delivery with every purchase.

A single bottle of Clenbutrol costs USD 61.99.

You may also consider the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal that applies to all legal steroids and stacks. If you buy this legal steroid with this offer, you only need to pay USD 41.33 per bottle.

Also, remember that Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol is part of the Cutting Stack, Growth Hormone Stack, and Ultimate Stack.

Here are the prices of the Crazy Bulk Stacks that contain Clenbutrol:

  • Cutting Stack costs USD 184.99
  • Growth Hormone Stack costs USD 239.99
  • Ultimate Stack costs USD 274.99

The Pros:

Here are the advantages of buying and using this legal steroid, according to my analysis:

  • Effective and proven benefits
  • Positive track record with strong evidence of previous success
  • Stackable with several bundles
  • All-natural and side-effect free ingredients
  • Affordable price and easy purchasing

The Cons:

Here are the disadvantages of buying and using this legal steroid, according to my analysis:

  • Limited to only online purchases
  • Doesn’t work as fast as ClenbutErol
  • Similar to a number of weight loss and cutting supplements
  • Requires user to take three pills a day

My Recommendation On This Clenbuterol Alternative:

I have reviewed several tens of bodybuilding products and dietary supplements. These include some of the best in the market and others that are strictly for online sales as well.

My impression of this clenbuterol alternative is a strong, positive one.

If you are looking for your next and last fat burner, you should buy Clenbutrol. Better yet, I would recommend buying the Cutting stack if you can.

While the investment is considerable, I have read of several people who have greatly benefited from this.

Buying this product is a good step for those who are starting their weight loss. It’s also useful for bodybuilders who want to get rid of the last few pounds to getting superior muscle definition.

Either way, you are getting one of the best fat shredders with this Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol.


Q: Can I pair this with a nitric oxide supplement I already have?

A: It depends on the product you are pairing it with. Most nitric oxide pills don’t cause a conflict with the legal steroid. But you should always consult your doctor when stacking supplements and legal steroids.

Q: Why should I pick this legal steroid over other weight loss pills?

A: This one accelerates fat burn while other weight loss pills usually focus on only suppressing appetite.

Q: Does it show up in drug tests?

A: This product doesn’t show up on any drug tests.

Q: Where can I find more information on this legal steroid?

A: You can check out some of the other Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol reviews online if you want to know more.

Q: Does this product come with worldwide shipping to Ireland?

A: You can have this pill delivered to most countries when you buy it from the official site.