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Earth Science is in the National Interest — Will Donald Trump Learn to Agree?

As a long-ago optical oceanographer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, I have first-hand knowledge of the powerful tools for doing great oceanographic research and environmental health monitoring from space. This is not the time to cut back on NASA research and monitoring work from space, from ground and ocean stations, and even undersea.

Earth science is science in the national interest. While scientific discovery from space is inherent in the Agency’s mission, NASA’s programs in earth science also are central.

It is important to block attempts at cutting back NASA budget items dealing with ocean science, climate science, and the impacts of serious climatic and oceanic changes due to global warming gas emissions into the atmosphere and the global warming and many other adverse effects being produced on an accelerating basis.

The underlying causes of the fake science or anti-science underlying some of these proposed restrictions on NASA’s work are described at these web pages, with references to other writings on the subject: