Paris Was Always Just the Beginning — Here’s How Everyday People Can Help On Climate
Nicole Shore

Reader Comment

Nicole, you forgot one more action: #9: Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Go to and click on the red rectangle at the upper right corner to join. It’s a volunteer organization and THERE ARE NO DUES. Just having your name on the roster sends a signal to legislators of public support for this idea. You can also attend a local meeting if you like and there’s a welcoming webinar you can listen to which tells you about this rapidly growing group of volunteer citizen lobbyists around the world.

CCL is purposed toward perhaps the one simple program that can stop global warming where it most needs to be stopped: politically. Of course, all 8 previous actions are important too. But we also need a program to gradually reduce the combustion of fossil fuels FF while increasing our reliance on energy efficiency EE and clean renewable energy sources RE like wind and solar. (Geothermal, hydro, biomass, and a few others can help as well.)

The CCL program calls for each nation of the world (especially the U.S., followed by China, India, and all the rest) to place a fee on the carbon content of fossil fuels as they enter the nation’s economy. (If imported, the fee is placed on the imported fuels and on products made with FF.) The fee is increased a little bit each year. Rising FF costs and falling RE costs (many already competitive with FF) will provide a strong market-based incentive for energy investments to switch from FF to EE and RE. Conservative politicians like that approach. Exxon-Mobil and other major oil companies, highly averse to government regulation, have said that this market-based approach is the way to go.

On the other side of the market, the consumers, the plan is to return all but a tiny portion (for administration) of the FF fees collected directly to the citizens of the country collecting it, fairly distributed, perhaps in monthly or quarterly checks or direct bank deposits, like a reverse income tax. It’s called the Carbon Fee & Dividend (CF&D) plan. You can read more about CCL at

Ross McCluney, Space Coast Chapter, CCL and

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