The Most Underrated Instagram Users I Know

You have to follow these people.

Being Instagram famous has become an actual occupation. We are the only generation who has access to a great camera with one tap and this allowed for people to share their perspective of the world and even monetize it. But, there are still a lot of great accounts waiting to be discovered. This is a list of the best non-famous accounts I know on Instagram.

Awesome Private Accounts

Let’s start with shy people. I hate private accounts. Requesting to follow one makes me feel like I’m buying a shoe without trying it on. Here are some of the shoes I’ve tried and recommend:


If I could follow one account, this would be it. Sometimes hot, sometimes weird, her instagram is straight fire. I’ve been trying to convince her to go public to no avail.


I’ve been following Dilara on tumblr when tumblr was a thing. She was uploading awesome photos. I discovered that she has an Instagram profile, and she kept the awesome photo tradition.


This guy deserves to go viral. The whole thing feels like you’re looking at his camera roll. Tens of unedited photos of the same thing, uploads in batches. I love how real he is.


An Italian entrepreneur wandering around beautiful landscapes.


A dear friend of mine, she travels a lot and it’s fun to see her pop up in different places.


A high school friend, she’s a photographic genius who just doesn’t know it yet.

Awesome Public Accounts

These people are just living their lives and sharing it along the way. But they’re doing it really, really well.


Dreamy places, mind-bogglingly good scenery.


Not your average Turkish girl. She is as fun as her Instagram in real life.


Dope CGI and renders. Makes you feel like you’re in another universe.


A jewelry designer friend of mine who is great at sketching.

People Who Deserve More

These people are already quite popular on Instagram, but I think they deserve way more followers.


She’s underrated until everyone on Instagram follows her.


A designer friend of mine. Her account is all about Milanese street style.


Well balanced photographs of upscale spaces across Europe.


This is me, in case you were wondering. 😊

Give these awesome people a follow! You will be glad you did.

PS: I asked for permission for the private accounts I’ve included.