Response Paper #2 — Rethinking Social Media

Most of the studies somehow shows that thinking about future of social media becoming more important for society instead of defining what actually it is. In Sam Srauy’s article, we can see see how its definition transformed into a product;

Social media are refractions, tools to record a particular user base’s moment in time. Yet, social media are also products created by their respective corporations with the intent of monetizing our labor (e.g. posts, comments, “likes,” and content we create) through market research, advertisements, or our content.

Approaching social media as a digital form of a social enviroment is also interesting as Leslie Regan Shade tries to answer what is social media on her article ‘’My So-Called Social Media Life’’ she defines social media not a brand new tool but a evolved one instead.

The nomenclature, socio-technical configurations, and social uses/dependencies have evolved from what we used to (and still) call computer-mediated communication (CMC), new media, Web 2.0, and a new dubbing — post-social media, which may encompass the wider panoply of the mobile media infrastructure

Tom Stangadage’s aproach is also same.He is defining social media as a new digital social enviroment;

social media is not new . . . blogs are the new pamphlets, microblogs and online social networks are the new coffee-houses. Media- sharing sites are the new commonplace books

So, what is more important here to understand future of social media thus companies aprroaching it as a ‘’products’’ Sam Srauy thinks society must be alerted on what can social media evolve.

‘’Connectication’’ term that José van Dijck uses for companies attitude on — watch what happens — bringing internet to developing nations is also interesting. On this argument, using water as a metaphor can help us to understand doubts about these companies missions.

Hooking up the remaining 5.1 billion people who have currently no access to the Internet is not like hooking them up to a piped water and irrigation system; it is like proposing to import a single brand of bottled water into remote areas of the world’s develop- ing countries.

On this issue, i am really thinking about what can be governments role and how can society and governments work together about this suspicious missions of compaines and evolution of social media into a products.