Here I go.

For a while I’ve wanted to start writing on Medium, or blogging per say, and one of my greatest worries was writing my first post.

It had to be relevant. It had to have a hook of some sorts. It had to impress people so they’d come back again and again. It couldn’t be about the startup life or my triathlon hobby. It obviously couldn’t be political. It had to be eloquent (and thus not start 4 sentences in a row with “it”). It had to be perfect.

Then I realized that this self-imposed expectation was holding me back. Writing was more for me than for anyone else. Putting together thoughts in a manner where they can be understood by others is great for oneself. I now understand why we wrote so many papers in college: writing the paper itself was one of the greatest learning experiences.

The written word is pretty cool. It demands one’s attention while requiring them to use their imagination. You draw connections to your own life. In the modern era of media that forces imagination rather than demanding it, the written word is arguably even more valuable.

I hope to use this as a medium to share my thoughts on a range of topics: the startup life, triathlons, technology, politics, inspiration, criticisms, cultural observations, training, travel, family, and unordinary stuff that happens in life.

Enjoy! Or unfollow! Live long and prosper though.