I think the smart contract prices are extremely exorbitant.
Alexandre Trottier

Although it’s true that some poeple charge too much for an ICO Smart Contract, the price depends on the developer that you hire. It’s not the same to hire a famous one that worked for several ICOs and has lots of experience developing secure code that a developer who’s new to the game.

I believe 200 per hour is a bit too high, a normal price would be 100 or even 70 per hour although I’m making estimates to exceed the minimum amounts just in case the code is not good.

I’ve seen lots of developers charging less than 100 dollars and making complete useless code that has to be rewriten — you don’t want that. That’s why it’s worth to pay that extra amount for a skilled developer that changes something between $200 and $100 per hour.

Also the time is subjective. 3 weeks is a reasonable time because I’ve seen huge whitepapers that want to implement tons of features during and after the ICO with voting systems and so on. It depends.

Have you worked with a developer? At what price and how was the result? Thank you.

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