Basketball Jones and Friends of Bill
Hawkeye Pete Egan B.

It is magical having the real Pete on board,perhAPs its the call of the sea.since moving to this beachside location I feel more alive.More aware of nature,each day is different,each tide is different.One day the sea is so rough,so powerful.Then all is calm .

My mood is beginning to to get calmer even when the sea is at its strongest.It is then that I feel more able to cope with my health problems.No matter what is thrown at me on the stormy days I feel stronger,more in command of myself.

Bad news comes more often but I cope with it more easily,I feel more in charge.I need now to get back to my writing self.Oh Cowbird where have you gone?I need to get to grips with story hall,I feel the need to get to grips with it,The stories are there,They just need transferring onto paper.

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