Part 1

Recently, I have started to give “interaction design and information architecture” training courses for UI and UX designers and interested developers in my company. Below you will find the content of my first course which starts with basics: interaction cost, usability heuristics, form components, visual hierarchy, gestalt principles, cognitive load, short-term memory, change blindness.

Interaction cost

What is the interaction cost?
It is usually believed as interactions cost is the number of clicks that the user performs to reach their goal. Well, it is more than that. …

This might not be only Pinterest’s fault however they are the ones who should have considered this case. Google “Continue as..” popover is hiding the Login button… and leaving me frustrated and annoyed in front of the screen.

Also, Pinterest, all your content is in the middle, screaming like “LOOK AT HERE, nowhere else, rest is a bunch of images in the background.” Is it so hard to put your login button in that middle white panel as well?

Ali express fails perfectly to name their buttons.

Maybe this is not an important case but think if this was a serious app like medical ui or car ui. Yes, sad results.

Read about Radiation machine that burned people due to terrible interface:

How many times did you design or develop a registration screen?

I am sure you have already gave up on thinking about it and started to repeat the same pattern at some point. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as your pattern is well thought and you are keeping up with the advantages of new researches and developing technology. At the end, nobody gives you time to reinvent the wheel again without rational reasons, you will hear that you should just do it , it is just a registration screen. …

Merve Orhan

UX Designer with CS background- lives in Netherlands

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