On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

Hi Ryan

Well you reckon to have met or known most of the people in the wine trade but out paths have not crossed and I worked for Decanter for a number of years.

What you say is, of course, quite correct. people often ask me” what is the best champagne” and the best id the one YOU like.

The only difference between wine and cars is this: after you have consumed a bottle of superb wine you have memory, nothing tangible, but maybe a taste, a smell, an aroma that stays in your mind somewhere hidden. With a car it will stillbe there in the morning (hopefully!) for you to admire, look at and for others to do so aswell.

As an example I have just had eggs Benedict in the restaurant of a well know TV chef. I can only compare it to the benchmark of Eggs Benedict for me in 1986 in Toronto made for me by a friend of my nephew. I can tell by taste if it measures up. And so I can with the next bottle of Mouton Cadet, Muscadet et Sevre en Maine!

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